Ranking is a joke in this game!

Why on earth would the Coalition think it’s a great idea to give you minus rank points just because your team sucks? Every time I’m with the worst team ever they all go negative.

I’m on the top of my team positive k/d . I get negative points just because the match was lost. Playing a "ranked " match means your “Individual Skill based on match performance” Not based on the garbage team I was paired with!

Hey Coalition! Get a clue! I can’t believe I have to mention this. Its a total no brainer. Another reason on top of 100s why nobody plays this game anymore!

I get your point but think about what you typed logically! It would take hours to find a multiplayer match! Seriously.
Find an Xbox club and play full 5 privates if you want good teammates and a sweaty match.
You have terrible teammates in every online game that will never change.

You totally missed the whole point. But that’s your view on it OK.

100% the reason why I stopped playing. I kept losing points being MVP with the highest points whether I won or lost.

Rest in Peace GOW

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Closing so people post in the main thread.

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