Ranking idea (a classic David idea)

So we all know that TC has had a rough time with finding a decent ranking system. Now I haven’t tried the new one out myself, as I will probably not get the time until tomorrow evening, but I do believe that I have found a full-proof solution to everyone’s issues. Why not just make ranks available in the store to buy with iron? Bronze plebs aren’t gonna spend $15 on a slick onyx rank, they’re too cheap. And Master players aren’t gonna buy anything lower than their deserved rank.
Another alternitive would be that we allow ranks to be fully customization in the menu, like weapon skins, blood sprays, etc…this is sure to make Mark happy

Oh great, another “idea” thread.

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I am secretly Master pretending to be Silver. :rofl:

Classic Shino thread

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Do I see a @GhostofDelta2 edit in the thread title?

And I can’t imagine the way players would react if this was an actual thing. Although from my PvE player perspective the rage fest would be glorious and popcorn worthy.


Can’t speak to the new system yet, but it seemed like all ranks were put together anyway, before.

The leaderboards would make sense. Maybe the seasons could be shorter if it gets implemented.

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