Ranking Escape Hives by Difficulty

You’d be correct. Forever is brutal when they all there. Getting an LZ flock. Sheesh.

I sniped myself with Fahz once through the wall because I wasn’t considering a Warden being categorizes as a Scion in this hive. :sweat_smile:

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We have a saying “ bad runner always complains about his shoes”. The majority of players do that. I do that at times too. Its a fact.


There’s also a spawn at the end that, if you make it past the room which would be usually filled with Drone Elites and some other type of Elite while getting charged by a Warden that gets shielded by several Bastions, gives you three Wardens, a bunch of Sires and I think also Juvies to hold off from getting outside to you.

Hence why I bring Icy Precision into this hive, explosive headshot isn’t really anything I found particularly useful or necessary. It do is annoying when you freeze a Scion or the Warden using the Markza then others decide the best thing they can do is unload on it when the reflective shell triggers even while frozen so you can’t just go and knock their brains out with one active Longshot headshot(more important for the Warden though, to be clear).

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I think one time I noticed two wardens and approximately 6-8 sires. There could’ve been more but we all died so fast.lol

For context, I haven’t played The Mist much and only completed it twice, once as Sniper Paduk which was 8% and I think we might have missed a COG Tag and 2nd time was as Execution Paduk. It doesn’t help when we have terrible 3rd random. So there’s 12 other viable characters that I could pass The Mist. There’s replayability right there.

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Not really finding replayability if I’m bored and/or don’t enjoy the hive much.

Idk, I just like all that chaos. It’s a change of pace compared to other hives. Frame rate drop would be my main and only annoyance in that hive. I understand what you are saying overall. I just can’t help that I like it.lol

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Extremely rare wisdom on the forums.lol :+1::+1::+1:

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Which I suspect won’t be going back to the previous power level even if they give her more melee res unless they make Thrill kick in instantly rather than it still taking a second to start working when I just tried to use that nearby enemy for healing but I didn’t get any anyways even though the skill says it forces it which would make you think it triggers instantly.

But at least I’ll have a chance of not always getting insta downed by Scion melee if they’re bleeding and whack me. Still not sure whether it’s a better or worse idea to get grabbed by that bleeding Sire or not if it lunges.

I think broken things do exist. Unless the bleed barrier glitches in Horde(currently not aware of any existing except some that don’t do much damage, if they have not been stealth patched - wouldn’t know as I don’t use such) or Cole melee invulnerability are not things to be considered as broken.

Or you know, Marcus in current Horde. If someone managed to be bad with that role in Horde as it is, then I just have no words.

It’s a shame what happened to lahni. They should’ve just left her alone completely or added higher venom resistance or something like that. I’m nervous about operation 5 overall.

I’m probably not a good or “overpowered” Marcus because I use pretty much every other character but him. His style of play doesn’t fit me. So I’d probably be a bad Marcus if I went into a horde match blindly.

Which is ultimately my point, it’s about the players.

My buddy solo’d the line TWICE as operation 4 Lahni and he wasn’t getting downed by scions. But he is the exception, not the rule.

Well, all the “good” Marcus players, which is a subjective term I’ll get to, are really just those I see chasing kills and trying to run their ult all match so they kill everything while their aimbot does the work.

So in that respect, I would take an “average” or “bad” Marcus who doesn’t use the ult excessively and only in situations of need over one who has it running all the time and doesn’t have to really aim or care about recoil which is basically as braindead as an activity as it gets.

Well with those Scions it primarily matters that you don’t get hit by their melee at all as their damage seems higher than those of Scions in other hives so it is more about avoiding their hits. The Line also has a selection of ranged weapons available to kill or weaken them from afar if the need arises. Even if it takes quite a bit of ammo to do so. And Shock Chain is a tool of pure destruction against grouped up enemies which would be very handy for that big group of Scions before the ending.

And I was more referring to a scenario where there is two Scions in close proximity to one another and I’m hitting one of them that is stunned while the other isn’t(out of necessity) and the second Scion proceeds to whack me while I’m hitting the other because they’re both Mulchers at close range to the team so they kinda gotta die. Before Op 4 and the “fixes” made to Lahni, I could potentially have survived the hit, but after, there’s no chance even when I’m next to a bleeding enemy.

I could also go on about how Lahni feels weaker to gun fire now, even if in venom. Especially noticeable with snipers, Hammerbursts and Claws. Meanwhile all Cole has to do is get some hits on enemies in to ready his ult up and he gets 90-95% resistance while just running which he’ll be doing most of the time until initiating a tackle or sucker punch on an enemy.

I would prefer if Lahni could be buffed or have better cards available for when outside of venom. So far, there’s On The Flank, Gnasher Mastery, Short + Mid Range Deflection, Ambush, Shock Chain and Brawler. I don’t see players using her non-venom cards much, neither the Shotgun / Pilfer playstyle against their back. Even from the front, the 60% Gnasher is still lethal.

It reminds me when I played Markza Paduk + Venom Lahni duo on various hives. I was playing my best, maybe playing too well that I’d be scoring headshots from distance, even those near Lahni, which leads to bad experience for other player. I had suggested about trying non-venom play style as it makes her work better outside venom and we tended to outrun venom often.

Even with a Cole or Emile around, it really does overshadow Lahni’s role when the team is doing too well and ahead of venom. I would picture that even Lahni could help with her close ranged Shotgun play style, which is also two active Gnasher shot in the back of Scion to kill it. Some players believe that Venom Lahni is her only viable play style, and that she’s a close ranged melee fighter when other cards and play styles exist. Otherwise, it makes little sense for her to have Pilfer, Gnasher or soon to be Claw card.

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I’d say the reality is somewhere in between. There’s the standard core skills and mechanics that are used in the game - the things which are universally applicable to most characters (the exception would be those who have slightly different mechanics like JACK or Cole). Then there’s the ability to make use of specific characters/classes and their accompanying skills. That said, I also think there are limits as to how good a good player can make a bad character appear, which are determined largely by their skills and abilities.

I reckon most experienced players can differentiate when a player is truly good or not, and can unpick players who need the skillsets of a class/character to compensate for certain deficiencies. Obviously we all can have a bad game here and there, but broadly speaking, I think it’s very possible to do this by observing their gameplay.


I thought Mist was easy the first few days when I cleared it a bunch of times as Fahz and/or Paduk. Lately, however, I can’t seem to get a decent team to do it anymore. I think it’s just down to people not playing their correct roles. Paduk is mandatory IMO, or if not using Paduk then someone really needs to be diligent about Sires, I honestly don’t know why you wouldn’t make your life easier and just use Paduk though. Preferably a second player would also do a hybrid Sire/grenadier/boss killing role so Fahz can focus on enemies he can one-shot. Also doable if not using Fahz but just takes a bit longer to deal with the scions. Honestly don’t know why you wouldn’t just use Fahz as well just to thin the encounters early and take the stupid shell out of the equation. Basically, the formula for success on this hive was made on the very first day. For some reason people are too bored or too proud to stick to it though. The Mist isn’t easy as the Clock but it’s still easy to point where I don’t feel I should be failing. If I do, I tend to get upset and leave because I know the reason it happened was people not being diligent sticking to their correct role and it’s infuriating.

Yes, you’d think most experienced players would be able to differentiate but a lot of those same players throw around the word “broken” or “overpowered” far too much.

In my opinion, it was the hardest hive by a mile, because of RANDUMBS. Even Gatekeepers, Onslaught and Split was easier. Once I complete it with reliable 3rd, I can give my opinion better.

The DPS of the horde characters are very strong so let’s say you have a fahz, kait on the team. Lahni is almost forced into an emergency role solely because there is almost no way a fahz and Kait won’t just kill everything in sight.

I think a good buff would be just to give her a blade that’s good always not just in venom.

Unless it’s the barracks, onslaught or venom run. I’m rarely in venom anyways so standard lahni play becomes obsolete.

Final wave at the helipad has 4 Wardens if you get that spawn. Flock-spawn has 3 iirc.

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