Ranking % dont go up

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My rank dont go up after 3 matches with 2 onyx2 one onyx3 And 2 gold 3 i have Onyx 3 And Mvp on this matches And no %go up pls help i want to get diamond finally when i lose my % go down for 3-4% per lose

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You might be able to find a solution on 1 of the 100’s of threads that have been made on the same subject.

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You have to have at least 12 kills with no more than 3 deaths against players with same rank as yours to move up(talking from my experience) if you are onyx3

pozdro drago :slight_smile:

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One of these days I need to write the information into a notepad and save it to copy/paste when these threads pop up every 3 days. I always explain it from scratch and the person usually doesn’t even visit the forums again to read it though.



Whoa whoa whoa, you see now, you’re wrong. It’s literally EVERYDAY they pop up.

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