Ranking all the maps in Gears 5 in order of release for PvP

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Going to rank all of the Gears 5 maps, I’m sure there are other threads for this but I cba to look and or care.

This is how I’ll score them:

10/10 - Near Perfect
9/10 - Incredible
8/10 - Amazing
7/10 - Good
6/10 - Above Average
5/10 - Average
4/10 - Below Average
3/10 - Bad
2/10 - Terrible
1/10 - Straight Trash
0/10 - I Would Rather A Goat Licked The Skin Off The Bottom Of My Foot Until I Bled Out Than Play This Map

I’ll try and keep the points short and to the point although I could probably waffle on about them for a while.


7/10 - Good

I like the design of the bottom and the top of the map, not a fan of the centre of the map though. I think the centre has the weakest design throughout the map and definitely the least enjoyable part for me. I like the visual look of the map and it’s location, although I’d really like to see the map with some rain.

It also has a great Easter Egg attached to it and I like the weapon pickup choices. So not really a whole lot to say about District, it’s a good map and definitely one of the stronger launch maps in my opinion.


6/10 - Above Average

I love the setting of this map and think it’s quite unique, I also like the visual look of the map too. I like the double snipe spawn on each side and would prefer if it was that way for both rounds instead of having an enforcer spawn in instead for a round. Also has a pretty cool Easter Egg too.

I like how they removed the breaker mace as that weapon is just obnoxious. I don’t know if anybody remembers but you used to be able to use the smash attack that weapon had from the bottom where you picked it up and the attack would travel to the upper level. You could also use that attack at the top bridge too from the side and it would literally travel through thin air onto the bridge. Plus the map is quite close quarters so having a weapon like that was just overpowered and annoying, glad it’s gone.

The spawns used to be atrocious on this map too and still aren’t great now I feel. If the hill was at snipe/enforcer you could kill your opponent just to have him spawn three seconds later with spawn protection in the starting spawn area ten feet away from the hill with the high ground and another flashbang. You were literally punished for killing your opponent. They did end up changing that but I still don’t think the spawns on this map are great.

The bridge at the top I think should be wider, they definitely could do that if they wanted as there is space. I also think they should remove two of the lasers, specifically the vertical ones at the sides. Leave the horizontal one as that’s fine and whenever you hear the noise for the lasers to be activated you know it’s always going to be the horizontal one, makes it less annoying.

I’d also add an additional part to the map, so imagine you were in spawn and you walk forward and turn left. There would be stairs leading up to your opponents top side so that way the bridge isn’t the only way to get across the top of the map. Would allow you to try and flank your opponent too if they were gatekeeping the bridge without having to go below them and around.

I do like the map more now than at launch, but overall I do feel like it’s only a slightly above average map.


2/10 - Terrible

Really dislike this map, it really does not play well I feel. The spawn areas are very large and it’s quite easy to spawn trap from my experience. The terrain is uneven which isn’t fun to fight on. I don’t like some of the weapon choices either, heavy weapons like the salvo or mulcher shouldn’t be on PvP maps in my opinion. Visually I find the looks and art style quite bland although I’ll admit I do like the location.

I haven’t got a huge amount to say about this map really, it’s not trash tier though I feel as there are definitely worse maps in Gears 5 and the other Gears games. Plus the Easter Egg on this map is quite good so I’ll give it that. I don’t know what I’d do to make it better, maybe add a centaur tank above the grenade spawns to give you more cover leading up to the centre bunker, I don’t know. I’d probably not try and change it and instead just remove it from rotation to be honest.

I’m honestly intrigued if anyone likes this map, if you do I’d be interested to know what you like about it.


8/10 - Amazing

This was the best launch map in my opinion, love the setting and the visual look of the map. It definitely gives me Gears 1 vibes which I love. It’s a dark map but it’s still easy to make out your opponent which is good. I like the addition of the trains, initially I thought they would become annoying but they really haven’t. It’s funny watching your teammates getting killed by them, especially off spawn. It’s also fun fighting between them.

I like the weapon pickup choices for the map and their spawn locations, fighting over them is great. There’s enough cover around the map so I never felt like I was constantly being shot in the back. Even the fight in the centre of the map over the hill is still fun despite it being quite exposed.

As a negative though I would say some of the spawns when the hill is at the gallery/admin location on the map are a little too close but I feel that was a bigger problem at launch when flashbangs were eye burning.

Overall I like the map a lot, it’s fun to play on which I guess is the most important thing. Also I’m not aware of an Easter Egg so it’s either not been found or I just haven’t heard about it but I hope there is one.


5/10 - Average

I did not like this map at launch, still not the biggest fan of it now but my opinion on it has improved. I like the double snipe spawn, that’s always a positive for me. They removed the breaker mace which is great, hate that weapon. Visually it’s alright, I’d prefer it if the airport wasn’t as destroyed and was a bit more recognisable as an airport. Maybe if it was more of like a two lane map where one lane is inside and the other outside. Also not aware of any Easter Egg though so I wont mention it.

I don’t like how the map isn’t symmetrical which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I like it when it takes the exact same amount of time to get to a weapon regardless of what side of the map you start on. The snipe spawns for example it takes longer to get to one over the other and there’s less cover on one side too, not a fan of that. Plus it’s quicker to go frags than lancer GL depending on what side you spawn on, again don’t like that. If the maps not perfectly symmetrical but it takes the exact same amount of time to get to a weapon spawn regardless of what side of the map you spawn on that’s fine, even if the cover isn’t exactly the same.

I’m not a fan of the layout of the map either, it’s one of those maps where you’re always getting shot in the side. Some of the cover is awkward too, honestly outside of sniping I don’t really enjoy the map too much.
I think it’s very average, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.

Training Grounds

7/10 - Good

Another map I didn’t like at launch, but it definitely grew on me and I do actually quite like it now. I think there were two main reasons why I didn’t like it initially, firstly because of how strong the lancer was at launch. With the multilevel terrain and vantage points it’s very easy to get angles on your opponent, combine that with a very strong lancer it was ■■■■■■■ annoying. Fighting over dropshot hill while getting beamed constantly from every angle was frustrating. With a weaker lancer you can move around the map easier or have a better opportunity to get to cover before being destroyed, it just freed up the map a bit I feel.

The second reason was because two overkills used to spawn on this map at the current boltok spawn. Now having two overkills on a single map is overkill as that weapon is very strong even after the nerfs it had. If one team took control of the centre of the map and got both overkills, good damn luck trying to retake the map. It’s even quite an easy map to spawn trap too which didn’t help. They changed it to one overkill spawn and one overkill works fine because it’s now in the centre of the map which means you have to fight over it. I guess it really shows how changing weapon balance and what pickup weapons are on the map can change how a map is played.

I’ll be honest now I do quite enjoy the map although I would like more cover coming out of spawn heading to snipe, but despite that I do think it’s a fun map to play on. I like the weapon choices for the map and think the setting for the map is great too. Can’t remember if there’s an Easter Egg, I feel like there was but if I can’t remember it it probably wasn’t that great.


0/10 - I Would Rather A Goat Licked The Skin Off The Bottom Of My Foot Until I Bled Out Than Play This Map

This map is ■■■■■■■ atrocious, if you didn’t play this at launch when the lancer was overpowered and flashbangs were the worst things in existence then you are an incredibly lucky person.

There is nothing good about this map. I hate the layout, I hate the ice and I hate the blizzard. The weapon choices are bad, a dropshot and a torque bow that explode and break the ice is terrible. Although I imagine that’s exactly why they picked them for this map. Incendiary grenades make no sense when their on fire on water, the cryo cannon is obnoxious, the breaker mace is already hell but on ice too… somebody just smack me in the head with a hammer please because it would be a better experience.

There is far too much surface area taken up by ice, even reducing the amount of ice would help. There’s a blizzard that rolls through and makes it hard to see which is always so, so fun. Don’t add effects to a map that either obstruct the players vision or make it difficult to control your character like windflare effects unless you intentionally want to annoy people.

There are two camp towers on each side of the map which combined with an overpowered lancer at launch was ■■■■■■■■. Fighting over dropshot hill was always a stalemate, people didn’t even bother trying to cap the hill because as soon as you even got a chance to cap the hill a player would just suicide into the hill and break it again so it would just be a stalemate again until people ran out of lancer ammo. But when people did run out of lancer ammo they would intentionally die just to spawn in ten feet away from the hill and run back up to the camp towers to bless me with more lancer bullets. On top of that the hill was surrounded by breakable ice which made it even harder and combine that with being blinded by flashbangs constantly and then a blizzard rolling through, mate this map needs to melt in the sun.

Even on the other side of the map you had a building that had only one way in that you could cross from. It even had windows looking straight at the spawns so you could shoot players coming out from spawn with very little cover. I did actually make a thread ages ago suggesting to board the windows up so you couldn’t shoot through them and roughly a month later they did actually do that. Whether they saw the suggestion and thought it was a good idea or whether it was pure coincidence which it probably was, either way boarding those windows up made the map instantly better as you weren’t constantly beamed out of spawn from players camping the centre building.

This map is straight garbage, I never want to see this map again. The Easter Egg is alright though…


7/10 - Good

I quite like dam, I enjoy playing on it. I like the weapon choices and the layout of the map, I think it plays pretty well. Not really too much to say about it, it’s just a good map. Although I would like to see the map in the snow or frozen over, I think that would look pretty cool.


7/10 - Good

I think Foundation is quite an overrated map. I can understand why a lot of people like it but I wouldn’t call it an amazing map, it’s good but there are a lot of maps I would rate higher than this. I do like it a lot for FFA however and if it was a FFA only map I’d probably rate it higher. I like the weapon choices except for the shock grenades and I like the visual look of the map.

I don’t like the fact it has possibly one of the worst hills to try and take on shock spawn. It’s too easy to setup and without a team push almost impossible to break. Yeah sure, maybe if your playing in a random ranked match and the players aren’t that great you might not have that experience. But my experience has almost always been rotating very early to the next shock spawn hill because if you don’t you might as well give up on that hill. I can’t think of another hill on any other map that I rotate too earlier than that hill.

But it is a fun map, great for FFA, it is a good map I just wouldn’t call it amazing.


8/10 - Amazing

I actually really like this map, which is odd because I didn’t really care for it in Gears of War 4. Maybe it’s because Gears 5 had a weak set of launch maps and this map being in the game quite early made me like it more as I would pick Harbor over almost any other map at the time may be the reason.

I like how the map plays, I like the weapon choices although I’d keep longshot spawn for both rounds instead of swapping it with torque bow round to round. I like the setting and visual style of the map, I think I’d add more fog to the floor around the map to give it that really early morning feel though. Plus the map really reminds me of Gears of War 3 for some reason, maybe it’s similar to a part out of the campaign that I just can’t quite remember. Good Easter Egg too, don’t know if it’s in Gears 5 but I liked it in Gears of War 4.

Great overall map that grew on me over time, nothing really too negative to say about it.


5/10 - Average

This is a very average map for me, honestly surprised when they said this was going to be coming back. I do like how it was the other version they chose to bring back over the original which was much larger. Don’t really like fights over boom and grenade spawn hills, not a fan of the map in FFA either. I also feel like the centre part of the map is just too open and you’re always getting shot from up top if your at the bottom of the map, which just becomes annoying the more I play this map.

My favourite part of the map is up at torque bow spawn and the incinerator (don’t know what to call it) is quite fun when you intentionally kill your own teammates, it’s an interactive part of the map that isn’t too intrusive which is good. I’d like to see this map set at night in the rain, slightly overgrown with everything looking a bit worn down and rusty.

It’s an average map, I don’t really have much to say about it. I would really choose to play this map though.


3/10 - bad

I don’t like this map, I don’t understand the appeal of this map at all can somebody explain to me why people seem to like it because I don’t get it. Didn’t like it in Gears of War 4, don’t like it in Gears 5, very overrated.

The map is very open in the centre, very easy to spawn trap, very easy to setup and hold hills. I don’t like any of the hill spawns except longshot which can be fun to fight over. Not a fan of the weapon choices for this map, tri-shot and buzzkill spawn up top, terrible. I think it’s quite a generic looking map too, doesn’t really feel like a Gears map to me either.

I don’t really have much good to say about it, it’s not the worst map in existence but I’d choose most maps over this if I had too. Actually I lie, it’s alright for FFA, that’s something good to say about it I guess.

Allfathers Arena

8/10 - Amazing

This is a very hard map rate because it changes, there are some combinations of this map I really like, some not so much. However I’ve always had fun playing this map and even my least favourite versions of this map aren’t terrible so I’d still rate it quite highly. If anything I’m only slightly sick of the map because of how much I played it, especially when it first released due to the lack of maps.

Great setting, very unique map. I like the weather choice, don’t think this map would suit a darker theme. Good weapon selections too, the boomshot works surprising well with this map, love the fact it has a longshot. Shame there’s no Easter Egg but what can you do. Also makes a great 2v2 map.

Overall, amazing map.


6/10 - Above Average

It’s an ok map, but my biggest problem with it is I much prefer the Gears of War 4 original version to this. If this was that version I’d honestly rate it an 8/10. I much prefer the visual style and setting of the original Lift. The name also made more sense as it literally was set on a lift whereas this is more of a platform I think. The only thing worse about Lift in Gears of war 4 in my opinion was it had a tri-shot on it but I’d just replace it with a dropshot, problem solved.

I’d swap a lot of the weapons around too, I’d move the embar spawn back to it’s original spot from Gears of War 4 and keep it as an embar instead of swapping in-between rounds to longshot. I’d move the dropshot spawn to where the embar spawn is currently and again keep it as a dropshot instead of swapping out for boomshot in-between rounds and put the grenade spawn in the centre of the map.

It’s an ok map, it does look really good to be fair, it does play well and is really good for FFA. I just prefer the Gears of War 4 original version and think that it would’ve been a better choice than this version.


1/10 - Straight Trash

I’ll start with the only positive, I like the visuals and the atmosphere. Everything else is straight trash. This map plays terribly in just about any mode. I don’t like the weapon choices for the map. It is far too open, the terrain is uneven and awkward and you have to sprint a marathon to get out of spawn. It also has square tree trunks which look ridiculous, I get why they’re square but it looks stupid and unrealistic.

This map is such a wasted opportunity, there’s a part in the hivebuster campaign at the end before you get on the boat which looks visually similar to this but layed out more traditionally that could’ve been used as a base for this map. This map with it’s visual style and atmosphere combined with a more tradition style map layout could’ve been incredible.

I think they tried something new with this map, it didn’t work. Never want to see this map back unless they completely redesign it.


9/10 - Incredible

This is one of my favourite maps throughout the entire Gears franchise, a lot of good times on this map. I remember back at the beginning of 2008 I played a ranked match and had a great battle with someone on the other team on highside throughout the match and ended up becoming friends with him. I’ve played countless sniper matches on this map, you could even search public matches 5-5 execution or annex and it would almost always be a sniper battle. Everyone knew what they were doing even with friendly fire on.

I love the double longshot spawn and all the weapon choices, fighting around highside and middle bridge is always fun. The visual look and style of the map is incredible, although I was disappointed when it was the same version as Gears of War 4. I think it’s an incredible map that plays well with just about any game type, even FFA despite being a smaller map I think it still plays well.

But, I will say I am sick of it despite how much I like it. When they said it’s returning in Gears 5… I was kind of disappointed. And that’s the same for almost all of the returning maps even if I do like some of them. So while I think it’s an incredible map it has kind of outstayed it’s welcome at this point, I’d not want it to return and instead for The Coalition to make only new maps for any future Gears games as they can clearly make good maps, even if they are few and far between.


5/10 - Average

When this map first released I think I overexaggerated how good it was. I don’t see it as that great of a map now. I do like the layout although the centre isn’t really great and I think I’d change that part. The weapon selection for the map is alright, I’d like to see the scorcher on it.

The location is pretty cool but visually it’s quite bland, becomes boring quickly I find. It’s an average, I don’t really have much to say about it. I wouldn’t care if it returned or not in a future Gears game to be honest.

Blood Drive

7/10 - Good

I probably give this map a harder time than I should, it’s not a bad map just really overplayed. I am quite sick of it and never vote for it but when I do play on it I do end up having fun. The layout is good although very campy, the location is great and the visual style I really like. I think Gears 5 version of Blood Drive from a visual standpoint is the best version, I liked Gears of War 3’s version too but I definitely prefer this version.

The weapon selection is fine although I’d probably keep the longshot between rounds instead of swapping it for the embar. I’d also be interested to see how other versions of this map would play in Gears 5 like Judgments version. I love this map in FFA particularly because you can plant grenades outside of the normal spawn and when players hop out of the window onto it they almost always die to it, makes me laugh every time and I always get angry messages from players for doing it. I mean is there anything better in life than annoying other people in the most frustrating way you can think of.

Yeah it’s a good map I’ll admit it even if I give it a hard time, but I do think it’s an overrated map too and I don’t think I’d want to see it yet again in another Gears game.


3/10 - Bad

Never really liked this map, even back in Gears of War 3. In fact almost all my experiences with this map are players camping tills, taking plat and spawn trapping you which is pure pain. The location of this map is very generic, not a fan of the visual art style in any of the versions of this map. I think the weapon selection is fine though and one of the maps I don’t mind the heavy weapons on. Killing people with the buzzsaw by shooting the ceiling is quite fun not going to lie.

The map doesn’t play well with ring based modes, some of the hills are ■■■■■■■ infuriating and you have such a huge advantage depending on where you spawn. I also don’t like the map for FFA.

This is one of those popular maps that I just cannot understand why people like it, I avoid this map all the time. If anybody wants to explain why this maps popular, go ahead because I don’t get it. The Easter Egg in Gears of War 3 for this map is great though.


10/10 - Near Perfect

I love everything about this map. The location is perfect, the visuals and art style is perfect, couldn’t get anymore Gears of War if you tried. Whoever designed the map and created the visuals did such a good job. The weapon selection is also spot on and even fits the theme of the map. I like this map on all the game types, great for FFA, great for Control/KOTH. The fight over the boomshot room at the start of the match is fun, that room is great to fight in. The only thing I’d change about this map is I would swap the boomshot and torque bow spawns. And this map was made to have a really cool Easter Egg on it but due to not being a launch map I guess we didn’t get one.

I remember playing a match just after they removed KOTH on this map. I was playing as Classic Baird and my teammates were Classic Dom, Classic Marcus and Cole. The opposite team were Collectors Myrrah, Elite Grenadier, Grenadier and Locust Drone. It felt so Gear of War, with the only thing throwing me off were the weapon skins. I lost that match but had fun losing.

It’s a near perfect map for me and it hasn’t gotten worse since it first released, I would be happy for this map to come back in a future Gears title even if I’m sick of old maps.


8/10 - Amazing

I liked this map a lot more when it first released, it has gone down a little since, but even still I think this map is amazing. The location is amazing, the visuals are amazing. I like the tone of day and how everything is very well lit and just shiny, suits the theme of the map perfectly. Weapon selection is fine, game types all seem to play well. Shame there’s no Easter Egg but what can you do.

It’s an amazing map, not much else to say.


7/10 - Good

It’s a good map, they did a really good job at modernising it and making it work in Gears 5. But I do think River is overrated. River was never an iconic map for me in Gears of War 2, there are many other maps that I’d pick over this to be remastered for Gears 5. I don’t really know why people wanted River so much.

The location which I think is in Landown is great, the visuals and setting is great, wouldn’t have it any other way. The weapon selection is fine, although it would’ve been funny to see the mortar back just for ■■■■■ and giggles. My biggest problem with this map is it’s spawns, when the hill is outside the houses you can literally spawn five feet away from the hill… right next to the enemy team. The spawns on this map are ■■■■■■ and do not work well in ring based modes.

But it’s a good map, I don’t find this map nostalgic and it’s not a go to map for me but I do enjoy playing on it.


5/10 - Average

Gridlock has always been an average map for me, the novelty of it coming back every game has completely worn off, I don’t want to see it return again. This map can sometimes be fun, most of the time it’s a lancering simulator especially in ring based modes, try taking the grenade spawn hill without being beamed. I’ll admit this map plays better in Gears 5 than Gears of War 4 though considering how powerful the lancer is in that game. I’m glad this map wasn’t in Gears 5 at launch though because the launch lancer would’ve made this map unplaybable. I do like the art style too in the Gears 5 version looks very original.

It’s an average map, not much more to say. It’s a bit of nostalgia that’s outstayed it’s welcome for me.


9/10 - Incredible

Same story as with Canals, I’m sick of it but I love it. I like the way the map plays, the initial rush for boom at the start of the match is always fun or running up to longshot spawn is always a good fight. The visuals and setting are incredible, love the addition of the pods, the atmosphere is incredible too. I like almost everything about this map. However I don’t like how you can aim vertically down when your up top over cover though, that’s stupid. And you can get spawn trapped fairly easily but I think it still plays really well.

The maps fun, works well in a lot of game types. I find it nostalgic but not overplayed like the other old maps. I vote for this map very often over most maps so yeah I’d rate this map quite highly.


10/10 - Near Perfect

This map is near perfect, I love everything about this map. It gives me a lot of Mausoleum vibes from Gears 1 which I think is an underrated map. It looks incredible, love the setting and the location. The layout of the map is probably one of the best of any of the Gears 5 maps. It plays well in every game type, at least that’s my experience. The weapon choices are great, another map I don’t mind a heavy weapon on but I’d rather it was torque bow all the time. It’s a near perfect map and I don’t really have anything negative to say about it.


4/10 - Below Average

I don’t get why this map was chosen to be brought back, I wouldn’t call this map bad but it’s not good. I like the double longshot spawn and the fights around the shock grenade spawn hill but other than that it’s not a great map. Visually it’s very boring, I would’ve liked to have seen this map maybe at night with kryll everywhere and the main paths lit up with light. Or maybe pods like on Clocktower covering the map.

The map in the centre is far too open, it needs like a truck or something in the middle to block sightlines. I don’t like this map for ring based modes either. Not much to say about this map really, I just don’t understand how they can pick this map to come back over so many other maps that are so much better.


8/10 - Amazing

The setting for this map is amazing, a city burning around you and hammer of dawns going off. The layout of the map in general is good, good weapon choices for the map too. Fun in ring based modes, fun for FFA. Nothing really negative to say about it other than some frame stutters seem to be consistent on this map which I suspect has to do with the amazing visuals going on around you.

This map definitely needs an Easter Egg where a hammer of dawn blows open part of the map revealing another area or something, shame it doesn’t have one. Yeah, amazing map very Gears of War 2-ish.


6/10 - Above Average

Never been the biggest fan of Mercy even back when it released in Gears of War 3. I don’t like the visuals and art style of this map all that much in Gears 5, I find Gears of War 3s version visually far more appealing. The map is very open too, quite lancer heavy and very easy to spawn trap. Never liked how open the centre of the map is or how they opened up the gates into the church. Do not like heavy weapons on this map or the torque spawn location being in the centre.

I do really like the fight inside the church, especially at the start of the match. It makes a great 2v2 map too. Again kind of wish it was the Gears of War 3 version as it looked really cool with the green glow inside the church and through the windows. I think the map is fairly average it did disappoint me to hear it coming back over other maps though, I think people overrate this map to be honest.

I will have to continue below in another post as posts are limited and the thread is too big.

It’s not on Harbor in 5, to my knowledge at least. Haven’t been able to find the little Leviathan figures you have to shoot to trigger it.

Asylum does have an easter egg with Cole on one of the trains if you dodge them at the right time a certain number of times.

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Continuing from the original post:


9/10 - Incredible

This was a great map in Gears of War 4, and an even better map in Gears 5. They made some subtle changes which really improved the map for Gears 5. I think the setting and location is great, visually very appealing although I’d really like to see this map in snow as I think it would suit it perfectly. Weapon choices, honestly spot on too. I think this is an incredible map overall, plays really well whenever I play it on whatever game type, nothing really negative to say to be honest although if it was in the snow it might even be a 10/10.


8/10 - Amazing

Very unique looking map, don’t know if I’d say it fits the Gears of War style but I do like it. Fairly simple map too which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I would like a bit more elevation on the map though. Weapon choices are fine although I think you could get away with a double longshot spawn on each side by replacing the hammerburst spawn with them.

The map plays quite well in ring based modes and FFA. Again another map that could make use of a really good Easter Egg, shame it doesn’t have one. Yeah, think it’s just a really solid map.


9/10 - Incredible

The last map to release in Gears 5 and it was a banger. The visuals and atmosphere are incredible, the scenery outside of the map is great. The design of the map and the layout plays really well. Weapon choices are good I wouldn’t change them. Plays well in all the game types I’ve played on it. And again another map screaming for a good Easter Egg.

Not a whole lot to say about it because like all of the maps I like there’s not anything really negative so I don’t have a lot to cry about. Just another solid map, I find it a shame that such great maps came out so late in the games lifecycle, a lot of people wouldn’t have played them unfortunately. I wonder if the game would’ve been better received if maps like Tomb, Village and Ephyra were the release maps instead of the mediocre maps we got. Guess we’ll never know right.


District 7/10 - Good

Exhibit 6/10 - Above Average

Bunker 2/10 - Terrible

Asylum 8/10 - Amazing

Vasgar 5/10 - Average

Training Grounds 7/10 - Good

Icebound 0/10 - Some Rating I Made Up Involving A Goat

Dam 7/10 - Good

Foundation 7/10 - Good

Harbor 8/10 - Amazing

Forge 5/10 - Average

Reclaimed 3/10 - Bad

Allfathers Arena 8/10 - Amazing

Lift 6/10 - Above Average

Pahanu 1/10 - Straight Trash

Canals 9/10 - Incredible

Reactor 5/10 - Average

Blood Drive 7/10 - Good

Checkout 3/10 - Bad

Nexus 10/10 - Near Perfect

Regency 8/10 - Amazing

River 7/10 - Good

Gridlock 5/10 - Average

Clocktower 9/10 - Incredible

Tomb 10/10 - Near Perfect

Speyer 4/10 - Below Average

Ephyra 8/10 - Amazing

Mercy 6/10 - Above Average

Dawn 9/10 - Incredible

Ritual 8/10 - Amazing

Village 9/10 - Incredible

I might have missed some points about some maps but it’s a long thread and I’m not going back through it.

That’s a shame.

I should make this list, everything’s a 1/10 apart from like three maps.

Ritual, Village and Nexus are my 3 favourite maps from Gears 5. I don’t think I’ve played control on Bunker this year.

Out of interest what three maps are they

Villag Nexus, Tomb, Reactor, are my favorites from the new ones
Check Out , Blood drive, Harbor, from the Gears 4 Maps
Asylum , Exhibit from the Gears 5 Start Maps

In general, I would like to see more maps that play indoors