Ranking - a request for future (a rare post which is not a complaint :) )


Whenever you’ll be tweaking your ranking system (next season? Gears 5? whenever), please put in some thought into addressing teams with widely different ranks.

From the explanations we got, you take into consideration mismatched TEAMS (I’m neither praising nor condemning HOW you deal with it, but at least you recognize that situation). Please think how to deal with very different ranks WITHIN a team…

For example - I frequently play KOTH on a team with 1 diamond, 2 onyx, a gold, and a silver.

Focusing on getting MVP totally ignores the reality of such a situation (silver needs to MVP against Diamond to try and move to gold?)

Please come up with logic which takes individual ranks into consideration, and relative performance between those ranks, rather than just absolute win/loss or cardinal position within the team on the score board…



There shouldn’t be a set player pool amount to be given for each rank. That is what messes up the entire ranking system. When players remain stagnant on purpose because they are already at their highest peak, and do not want to de rank, they stop playing.

Any amount of people should be able to achieve a true skill rank, if they have the skill to do so.

A positive k/d in TDM should bump you up a few % points. Every kill towards the positive amounting to a .25 % bump towards your next rank threshold.


You maintain a good kill death ratio for TDM, your rank goes up, regardless if you win or lose.

You shouldn’t be punished if your team mates are not good. And you will not always do well either, should every kill in the negative k/d, brings you down the same .25% per kill under even.

So if a player is diamond, you know there good, not just piggybacking off of team mates.

And then true skill matchmaking can take place a lot easier as well

Same goes for objective game modes, where how many objectives capped, or stopped, along with wins, are what count the most there in those playlists.

Its trash ranking system currently, should be based on indidual skill rather than who has thd best stack. Dont even woerry aboutrank in this game, its a load of bollocks

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Its why I don’t worry about rank in any game, because it literally doesn’t matter.

I kinda agree that it doesn’t really matter, but in one way it does.

I am a silver/gold player… I like a ranking system so that I don’t get matched against those much better than me. It’s no fun playing against greatly superior players…

A casual boxer wont really benefit from going up against Mike Tyson all the time, lol…

So I totally support a ranking system to at least try to match similar level teams…

So if we do support it, we can offer thoughts on it…

That’s all :wink:

Right, so I say we do away with visible ranks and just are matched up via hidden truskill. :slight_smile: