Ranked Weapon Skins Rotation

Are ranked skins going to be recycled? Like if you missed out on the lancer will be get another shot in the future?
If so, will it be something I have to wait a year to get or will I get another shot at it again, sooner than later?
Giving 3 skins out each time instead of 5 makes it take longer to get all of the skins so I’m just curious I suppose.

I wanna say a while back one of them said it’s extremely unlikely the skins will cycle back through but that anything could happen in the future.

If they keep at the 3 skins per Operation pace they’re on now though that’s gonna be a looong time away before they start cycling through again.

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Yeah, this is lame…

I’ve already missed out on getting the Onyx: Lancer, Mace, and Boltok, because I couldn’t get out of Gold 3 (during Operation 1) to make it to Onyx. :relieved:

I’ve reached Onyx (2) now during this Operation, and I’m hoping to complete the full skin set again like I did in Gears 4.

If they do recycle them, it’s going to take a long while… :pensive:

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Here was the tweet in case you were curious. So there is hope at least but yeah I wouldn’t hold your breath or anything.