Ranked Verses.why are they changing like this

What is going on with Ranks…Went in this morning and my Tier was fine.Have Flare on Gold for TDM…Went in just now played a game of Ranked KOTH snd now my Tier dropped to Tier Gold 1…Someone better explain this cause i have iver 58 kills and MVP on Both Sides.ty

Did you win or lose the match ? Winning and losing affects rank quite a bit, even more then performance ,if you lose a couple on a row no matter how well you play you will drop ,at least this was how it was explained to me

Wow.thats Bull.I played hard to get where i was and to only have it took away in a few games
Wow…TC…it should be ranked on a person not a team…

It’s ranked mainly on Win / Loss and can be boosted by MVP and Smooth Operator.

Just wow.I cant help.what random people in the game .i can only do me and be a team player…But dont punish me for there actions… Ty

It’s what the system is I’m afraid …

I should have stopped while i was ahead​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Have Hope Gears 5 is better bro :+1:

If they dont fix 4 …sadly want buy 5

Ok, well, I’ll let you know all about Gears 5 then don’t worry as I’ll be getting it :+1:

But it’s ok because you will still have Gears 4 :v:

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