Ranked teams and the inequality of games

in ranked, why do I play on a team of unrankeds and bronze while the other team is diamond and onyx, and then I lose more percent than I can gain when I lose? I’m onyx 3 playing with low tier players against high tier, how can i possibly win an escalation game? I would understand losing 11% in a game I lost if all of my teammates were around the same rank as me. But to play with such terrible players against such high skilled players is ridiculous and I shouldn’t lose percentage at all! The team i played against was a 5 man team too! Explain why i should go down for any of that. It ruins the quality of the game when put in completely unwinnable situations and introduces such a level of variability that it makes players quit the game because their efforts are fruitless. It has caused me to walk away far more times than I can count.

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Lol try being a silver and matching up against Onyx and Diamond players. All I can do is dance around swinging a grenade until the try hards make their way over to put me out of my misery.


I have been saying this alot. There are lots of stacked teams playing. Just match them together. It isnt that hard. Or at least if not possible, find randoms of the same or close rank and put them together to face those diamond stacks. It isnt impossible to win against diamond stacks, I have managed it before but at least my teammates werent dummies. What I find amazing is that I can lose alot of peecentage against Diamonds but gain little when win against them which is unfair. This happens the other way around too.

I’ve won against high skilled/ranked teams quite a bit but that’s when my teammates are at least close to my rank. I don’t understand how so many games can do ranked so that you play with similarly skilled players on your team, but gears can’t and you have extremely uneven and unfair games that not even a pro would be able to win.

Ima just channel a little of my inner TC here.

Nope, OP is lieing.
There is nothing wrong with our ranking system it works fine and that’s the end of it.

No unranked has ever been paired with anyone ranked gold or higher we specifically wrote the code so that couldn’t happen.



Shiny new rainbow imagos will be awarded to anyone who achieves any rank whatsoever.

Actually no they won’t, we never said they would that was a mistake, no we don’t have to do anything.


buries head in sand


Ranking system is broken tc not care i should stop playing gears tc destroyed gears

Ranked is broken only Onyx and Diamond Players in Enemy’s Teams. And Ranked have nothing to do with skill, most of that players run in front of you and kill you without bouncing or something. Their Skill is they kill you with one shot and you give that players 2 hit and it’s only 87%. The Netcode of Gears is broken.