Ranked System Working?

Diamond player from Gears4. I was started in Silver in Gears5. Fine, whatever. The climb is incredibly slow and difficult, with absolutely no end in sight. I just played a game (lost both rounds, my teammates were all downs syndrome and the opposing team had their ■■■■ together)… I was MVP on my team, about 1k points from MVP of match (9.5k points for me, 11k points for opposing team MVP). I received -7 rank points at end of game.

Is this considered working as intended?

This message is to the DEVs, not the forum worms: my team and I quit until you fix your ranked system. I tolerated garbage release, garbage bugs, garbage stability issues, etc. If I can’t even rank up out of the ELO where i’m playing with completely new players, I’m out.


Im not a Dev so I suppose that I am a “forum Worm” lol, but I ranked in silver 2 and after the last update I’ve gone up to Silver 3, but I’ve been stuck around that. In 4 I was Onyx 3 every season except the one time I made it to diamond. I know someone that also ranked silver 2 and in Gears 4 the never made it out of Bronze 1. They went down to Silver1, but have been stuck there.

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I have no problem with moving through ranks, but at the current pace, despite being best player on most of my teams, I seem to pure garbage points. It seems that their ranking system is incredibly linear. Either you have a 12:1 KDA and get points, or you get nearly nothing. Actions Per Minute (APM), who you kill, who doesn’t kill you, objectives, accuracy, etc… none of these things seem to matter. This is very upsetting. This game is such a disappointment.

Just played 11 games of king of the hill and lost 9 but got MVP in 10 of them. Why does this game match me with morons when I’m in diamond and put me up against a stacked team. They need to sort this out

I personally think it is backwards. I don’t think it chooses who should be Favored correctly, I had a few matches where I did TERRIBLE and we lost and i gain tier points. There been times where we slaughtered a team that acted like a bunch of noobs only to see they were favored by 5k plus points. There been a couple screenshots sent to Octus on Twitter where he his response been text book. I just hope they are looking into it.

So TC is essentially saying it’s working properly?

Pretty much.