Ranked System Will Never Work With Current System

The current scoring system doesn’t allow for an accurate assessment of player skill for the following reasons:

  1. Poorer performing players can earn large amounts of GP by being “carried “ by their teammates.
    2 . Eliminations allow players to farm GP via assists , even the most marginal assists reward the same amount of GP as a kill or a high damage assist (including a down). GP awarded from assists should require a damage threshold (e.g. 75% damage) a or down.
  2. Ranking up seems to focus on heavy play, not skilled played.
  3. You have skilled players that don’t play heavily are not being ranked currently.
  4. Skill imbalance on teams seems to be prevalent.
  5. Spotting and revives aren’t scored in some ranked modes.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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I got master in solo & I wasn’t even planning a grind or anything.

I remember needing to get some sweaty friends to grind out.

But these solo complainers got what they wanted.

An easy meaningless title.

Master rank should require coordination with other players but now it so easy.

Like I didn’t even wake up with grind mentality & was so casual about it.

I was shocked.

Just my thoughts.

TC ranking system is trying to assess individual ranking based heavily on team performance. Getting masters as a solo in Koth is ridiculously frustrating without a team. I’ve gotten diamond solo but realized to get masters I would need to avoid playing organized stacks which are prevalent.

I don’t think TC will ever make a ranking system that makes sense to the majority of the player base. IMO, they should have three rankings that describe experience more than skill and get rid of skill based matchmaking.

in principal, maybe not in application because of some bugs, i think that we have only gone backwards.

i much preferred the very first system where it was heavy on individual performance. then we went to the match result mattering more and now you can absolutely carry your grandma to master rank.

Low-skilled players would get pummelled in PvP without a ranking system.

Uhhh…they get pummeled now. Lol

That’s because the ranking system isn’t accurate. The ranking system would work if we went back to scoring kills and assists separately, with rewarded points based on damage. Somehow, TC can’t see this. Their initial plans for GP were so everyone on a team would a receive a similar score each match.

I hate to admit this but the older system was better
It was round and k/d based to it inspired players to get kills, be aggressive and die as little as possible
Right now it’s just 4 people camping in the spawn and most of the times only one of them carries the whole team, not to mention getting high ranks is unbelievably easy because of the low player base
TC will never change this, I hope they realise 4vs4 was a mistake but we are stuck with the stupid GP forever

The old system was garbage. When I don’t have to worry about ping, lag, ghosting, and other forms of ■■■■■■■■ we can go back to that system