Ranked system, my teammates go up and i go up 0%

strong text dont ge it, my teammates go up +7%, +4%, +11%!!! Meanwhile i dont go up, and i am “the good” of my team, always first places (mvp, kill twice than my deads) dont ■■■■■■■ get it (al this in tmd,koth,dodgeball,guardián)

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If you are a higher rank than your teammates that is probably why you don’t go up and they do.

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Not true. I play 3-4 and 5 stack with lower rank on both sides and still go up. It’s game/Season/Performance based.

Also, please post your concerns regarding Ranking here;

It depends if you are predicted to win or lose that match. If you were predicted to win a match at a high percentage and win, but play poorly you will not go up. I’ve played stacks all lower rank than me, but i didnt play that well my rank stays put.

And that is based of previous statistics. Again, should post any concerns it the link I provided above.

I don’t have any concerns. I was responding to you.

-15% just cause servers drop me out.

Again, post your issues in the official thread please.

Yep, i did it yesterday. :call_me_hand:t2::top: thank u

Let keep all rank feedback, questions, or concerns on the Official thread: HERE

Merging post to the official thread.

Thank you

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