Ranked SUCKS! To many afk and people leaving the match

FIRST… its freaking hard to rank alone cause it always join vs a full team match…
SECOND… to many times im tried to pass from onix 1 but this happens all the time … people leave the match and i lose the match of course … the system takes the points and i down to gold again and again… its not fair to lose points when theres a leaver on the match… you want to stay with you stupid lose point system fine… but at least be fair with people when theres an afk or somebody leaves the match.


That’s why you stack up.

In TDM people don’t leave that often, I’ve noticed. Once you reach onyx.

But in king people don’t really respect the rank as much.

So just stack once you hit onyx 1. I’m sure someone will be happy to have you as a teammate since you hit onyx by yourself.

Best way to ensure no one quits just because.

Sorry that happened.


I haven’t been Toxic in a long time in game chat and messaging. Yesterday was one of those days. I de ranked so bad these were definitely not disconnects. Trolls and quitters. Just crazy the absurd S*** that goes down in a PVP experience. There are truly many miserable people out there who get thrills by wrecking someones gaming experience. I’m sure you had your fill of them also. Yesterday for me was more Toxic than some of my GOW3 days. First time in a long time mic on mic action with random teammates that were not there to play but there to grief.


Welcome to the forum btw.

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Yeah it’s got major issues I can’t even be ■■■■■ to play it most the time



I also bet most quit once they see these stacks destroying people so they leave to avoid losing current rank. guess they feel losing GP or playing time is not as bad as losing your hard earned rank.

its like the start of the op. who wanst to play getting bashed by higher ranks…thats not learning and its not fun.

I know there can not be a solo and a stack que. i get that but its really about finding a good way to mix solo and stacks. most solo wont even get on a mic, but you can be sure the stacks do. thats advanatage right there.


This is too real. Exactly why I 5 stack. Well, when I was able to 5 stack…



Which is why TDM should be squads.

Too many uncoordinated people throwing the match & I deranked when I have like a 4.0 k/d.


Whew, dont know why when I saw my name I freaked out thinking I did something wrong lol.

When that happens the best thing you can do is not let it get to you, even tho with the frequency it can be hard. Me personally I just take a chance to turn it into a chainsaw match with whoever in the match is willing. I dont lose :kissing:.

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Played in a match yesterday on blood drive where one teammate was AFK and the other 2 worked on their bouncing skills in the doorway at spawn. I wrote to them “You couldn’t do that on social?” and got the jajaja in return. A lot of toxic players on this game.


This is why TC MUST really enforce the report feature and actually punish them.

I swear this ranked system and season has introduced more problems than ever…


Yes , People takes TC more seriously but to be honest i really love KOTH but this situations makes me hate the game its a real pain in the ■■■ to rank up alone and then people leave matches. thanks for the reply and the feedback !

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People have figured out a way to exploit the matchmaking system to allow afk’ers and kill-feeders to group up so they can feed kills to their friends on the other team. Maybe it’s as easy as having the players coordinate to enter tmatchmaking at the exact same time.

I assume Gears 5’s small MP population probably plays into this as well.

Yep. It sure does. It always has. At this point there is no point to even try it based on so many elements but the main reason not to is simple: There is nothing at the end of it.
Nothing but the pride to say “Hey guys i reached the pinnacle of gears 5 multiplayer! Im great at the game!”
Only to get “Really? Good for you! You wanna go play (Insert other non gear game here)?”

If it wasn’t for friendship and the community to the game, playing rank is completely meaningless unless your an egotistical sociopath, A trolling ■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■ punk ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ head, or someone who enjoys watching yourself die in games because you are in a sad state of depression.

I played rank back in gears 3 and the hardship of feeling serenity just to see that golden wings, I can now see why its not worth it anymore if another game just buries it and forces me to start over.