Ranked sucks now

I was gold 3 yesterday now I am silver 2…

Quitting players, horrible gnasher changes, catering to low skilled players…

Cant wait for halo Infinite…

They have ruined gears of war for serious players.

About that…it got delayed to 2021


I thought you were kidding.

Looked it up.


You’ll be waiting for awhile now…


Looks like OP will have a lot more time with that delay to get back to gold

Delayed for further polishing after the huge backlash of its current graphics state.

Craig meme for reference.

I thought it wasn’t too bad


It’s bad unfortunately, by comparing Halo Infinite to 3 & 4 textures side by side, :crazy_face:

Catering to low skilled players…

Yet you complain about losing and going to silver 2

They do need to address quitters for this operation. I think 50% of GP should be refunded to the losing team if there was a quitter.

I dont recall OP4 having any new gnashes changes. So not sure what you’re talking about there.