Ranked still sux

Idgaf scrap the whole system it blows an is inconsistent … How tf you get zero points on winning both rounds when you had to cross for you’re teammates a whole koth match. Then get negativr 650 on a loss against a 5 stack and youre teammates are a empty bag of Doritos. Smd


Well you’re in luck, they are scrapping the whole system. But why use the search bar or read a forum!


The matchmaking is the bigger problem.


LOLOLOLOL!!! Mane I hope I was not in your group when this happened.

Could’ve also said an empty can of Mountain Dew as well.

Hope you’re ready for even more OP weapons for competent teams to exploit. As far as matchmaking goes, I’m not convinced any of the changes are going to make it magically better. Low player base. It’s matching you up against people who are playing at the same time. Try the looking for a group option. It works about half the time.

Matchmaking will immediately get better when they bring back guardian!

Brand new Ranked system is coming. Only a few more weeks.

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@Link23809 Make sure to make it where we can see teammates ranks too

Which one are you?

None of the above im sure youre that dude sittin with the monkey

My monkey and I do love a nice relaxing game of golf with friends :blush:

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New combined feedback thread here