Ranked stack level gap?

Ok so today is the first day i rage quit a ranked match. I’m not happy about it but I’ll explain why.
The last few days I’ve noticed people who are onyx in a 3 stack with their friends being bronze / silver. I’m Masters so matching against other masters / diamond players and having to babysit silvers / bronzes isn’t fun and surely can’t be fun for those people either.
I understand if you want to play with your friends and you’re better but when it seems like this is how you’re trying to introduce them into it, getting ■■■■ on would make them not want to play. This would surely be better done in quickplay?
I just wonder what other people’s thoughts are on bringing low level people into high rank games and whether there should be a max gap of ranks before being able to stack?

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Get rid of things like ranked achievements and ranked TOD medals and I bet a lot of the scrubs, myself included, would disappear from ranked matches.


Same here. I have no desire to play Ranked. But someone at TC thought it would be a good idea to put ranked achievements in for winning on certain maps.

If I don’t get a map I need, I have little motivation to try as it makes the match take longer and I earn more GP that levels me up faster.

Ranked achievements are a plague that should be removed from games as they serve no purpose other than causing gamers who otherwise would avoid the mode to cone in and make it a miserable experience for all.


Same for that tour medal they changed, get X amount of kills as leader.

What a great idea that medal is, this will only incite even more dumb leaders👍

They should make a new playlist called “best in class” where u must be diamond/master to play in, that way all the other ranks can have good matches without getting stomped on.


Are there really golds and silvers anymore im masters in most game modes and see nothing but low skill diamonds and onyx.

This ranking system is dog ■■■■ when it comes to ranking a player’s skill IMO unless maybe you’re diamond 2/3 or above.

Otherwise I always take someone’s rank with a grain of salt. I’ve seen bronze 2 players that would annihilate diamond players that I’ve seen. People all too often act like their rank means something.

It means less now than it ever has IMO

Im assuming youre talking about koth?

Yeah koth. It just gets frustrating when you rush a hill and you have no support, it makes sense as these players are clearly new but stacked with a diamond, that when I used the tac com, they were camping a random area of the map hard aiming an empty space from behind cover, like it was TDM. That’s an example of one game of a few lately.

I’m all for new people coming into the game, obviously, why would I not be? But to introduce them to a masters game when they don’t know how the mode works is not fun fow anyone.