Ranked spawn preference

I like playing 3rd spawn its a really important spawn. I want it to be my preference. I know there are people who like first spawn. It would be amazing to be able to choose spawn preference per map when solo queuing please look into this thanks.

What 3rd spawn?

You’re not serious right now.

You mean the spawning position where team mates are aligned with one at front, two behind the front, and two behind the middle?
Like a ^ shape formation.

Or spawning locations at the beginning of match, because there’s one for blue and red team?

I really don’t understand what is 3rd spawn.

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same way you just wrote me an essay google it

Yeah I dunno what third spawn is either.

Google is no help here. so please enlighten us oh knowledgeable one.

The position you spawn in. So like a reverse v ( ^ ). Third spawn would mean you spawn on the left or right just behind the guy in front spawn.

1st Spawn.

So helpful on Clocktower - you can rush and sometimes even pickup Drop/Boom without stopping…

I don’t think that’s the best way to get people to look into adding something you want into the game…Le sigh…

If you’re talking about the ability to swap starting positions though, this is already a feature. When you are waiting in lobby you can request to swap places with other players.

Yeah I think it’s safe to assume that’s what OP was refering to.
Although given the sheer lack of detail in the post and their subsequent belligerence who knows, could be anything…

I wonder though does anyone agree with the op? Its really never bothered me whether I spawn at the front, back, left or right. Its only 1ft difference after all.

Don’t understand how someone could have a general spawn preference when the ideal position varies by map and power weapon location.

That said, I don’t really care much about my spawn point. I usually have teammates to communicate with so competing for weapons isn’t a problem.

I only think it really matters on Escalation. On Reclaimed let’s say, the person who’s front spawn is usually the person pushing into bowl (Trishot/Buzzkill location) as they’ll get there slightly quicker than the other positions which could be the difference between winning and losing the fight. It applies to other positions on other maps as well. It can be a detriment if the person who’s front spawn is capping the home hill ring as it’s the usually the 4th/5th spawn that does that.

Besides that, it doesn’t really bother me either.

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A fair point I suppose.
I play mostly solo and generally just flow into whatever role the team seems to be lacking. I guess thats why it doesn’t bother me even in esc.
Ive seen plenty of players in the front just run and cap the home hill, I usually think nothing of it and push the B ring myself.

Perhaps this is part of the reason diamond stacks keep violating me :joy:

Prefer 1st spawn for Escalation. Get’s me right into the heat of it all. Also usually helps since I tend to shoot straight, unlike some of my teammates, (not mentioning names :smiley: )
And yes, I’m a B/E player.