Ranked: Solo Queue Improvements

Problem: The ranking system works, yes,it does. but it does not show skill.
I’ve played solo basically this whole season and hit diamond. the problem im facing right now is ONYX players walking and aiming like bots. Reason why we have players like this is because of stacks .

First and foremost i have nothing against stacks, but when players are being carried into a rank they cant achieve on there own… it makes the “skill based match making” a joke. I’ve had matches where i had an onyx 3 and 2 bronze players on my team vs diamond and onyx 2-3 team mainly because the Onyx 3 partied up with the Bronze players.
players who are padded into a rank…give other players the expectation that the team is balanced.

Solution: Ranked based Stacks.
Bronze 1 to gold 3 can only party up in ranked.
Onyx 1 - Masters can only party up in ranked.

Bronze Matches should require a match cost.
Gold Matches should have an increase in match cost.

or All together… Make a Solo Q Playlist.

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I disagree about certain ranks grouping together a few of my friends arent the best players but i enjoy playing with them, well most of them.:grin:

I think they need to go back to showing the proper score board as in the points u get for kills n such and not GP and then convert that score in to GP so at least u get the GP u earned and not the GP u got for shooting 15 ppl with lancer from across the map.

Still keep the GP eared in gm but it needs to change to kills, downs and assists for pts not eliminations👀

Think this would keep the ranking more skilled based

Obviously each mode would have its own conversion rate similar to gears 2 xp system

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It’s the GP system.

1 elim equals credit for a kill.

Then you can get the bonus GP by winning.

It’s just not the same as a damage calculator.

I swear I get so much damage but it doesn’t show. I get no credit for downs anymore.

As long as I touch the enemy with a bullet I’ll get credit for a kill…

Say what you will… I say it’s the GP system cutting lower skilled player a massive break & punishing legit players for having to match with their false achieved ranks they piggy backed off of.