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Ranked should be the bare bones Gears experience

So I finally managed to play some proper VS on the Gears beta today and something I really dislike is all the information you get presented on your screen. Like the white dots you see when hitting someone with the pallets of the Gnasher, even when hipfiring, or the countdown of all the power weapons when hitting the LB button.

One of the many reasons why I always preferred Gears over any other (3rd person) shooter was the fact it was a such a bare bones experience. You needed to think for yourself and keep check of the power weapons when and where (pre-Gears 4) they spawned. This is something I find to be much more engaging. I absolutely hate the modern day trend in gaming that everything is shown on the screen. Everyone is told. And with every entry you, TC, step it up. First you had to remember where the ring could spawn so the last 10 secs the team could go different directions or just take a bet and go to where the ring could spawn. First you had to remember where the power weapon’s locations are. First you had to keep check when they would spawn. First you had to check the blood when shooting your enemies (one of the reasons something like PUBG is so unique is the absence of hit markers and the fact you had to check the map where to go and etc.) but now it’ll just show you. If the netcode is fine and there is less bs, sponging and better servers, people don’t need this.

My point is that it’s starting to feel like any other generic 3rd person shooter with these kind of additions to the game. Of course there are some other major differences that still set it apart from other games in the industry but it’s starting to drift away from its core experience with every new entry.

Maybe I’m just too oldskool and maybe this is what people actually want but at least keep this from Ranked so people can still get the purest Gears experience reminiscent to the previous games we fell in love with. It wasn’t just the wallbouncing or the Gnasher but also those little things that kept you engaged and gave the Gears feeling its finishing touch.

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