Ranked seperated into solo or stack,

Hi there,

will there ever be an option to not play solo against “thousand” of stacks?

it annoys me an a lot of other players so much.

maybe you can put it seperated in Gears 6…


No because we just don’t have the numbers to make it happen.

Maybe in the next game.


Think of it as intense training, It’ll make you stronger. Do you think Goku, Guts, Kenshiro or Saitama were handed their powers? Do better.

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Ranked separated into stacks vs stacks and solos or duos vs solos or duos would be ideal. Imo. Gears 5 doesn’t have the playerbase for the kind of matchmaking though.

I don’t mind playing against a stack now and then. It can be a fun challenge. I think everyone on the solo team (unless they’re brain dead) try a little harder and it always feels like the W was well earned.

However, I’ve been in situations where I’m up against a stack 4 or 5 games in a row. That’s not welcome and not fun.

Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often.

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Most of goku moves are stolen from others though like the kamehameha, solar flare, kaioken. he just perfected them in his use


Look man, no one said they were perfect. All OP has to do is steal a bunch of pro player moves and tricks and BOOM he is in the next pro league

Look man he some how learn to use goku rose move with the blade thing in xenoverse 2 im just saying he steals moves from others xD

I like the new pfp :eyes:

Friday after Next no?

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We never play anymore it brings a tear to my eye

Ik :pensive:

Yeah I think so. Haven’t seen that movie in so long.

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Same lol.

I feel unless TC hits the ground running with Gears 6 we may miss decent features like this. Solos/Duos only, 5 stack vs 5 stack. I don’t know if it is a regional thing but it seems in europe if you play certain modes you will face stacks multiple times.

Input based matchmaking is also a thing that needs to be in the game day one.

Game is like #150 on played games list. You start separating stacks then you’ll find a match once a year. All they need to do is just tone down SBMM. Should be you play whoever you play. Sometimes it might be a sweaty stack, sometimes it might be guppies, other times ITLL be a mix but it always feels fresh. The problem now is you could be a good player as far as the SBMM determines it and if you choose to play alone for that time you will just always fight sweaty laggy Mexican stacks for the most part.