Ranked seems fine

Took me 7 games today lol. I was masters 4% before the reset.

Lucky you. I thought it was all good at first. Place Onyx 1 3%. Still losing 1000’s of points even when MVPing


That sucks to hear. I haven’t had that issue for 2 weeks now. I couldn’t get out of silver 3 two weeks ago.

Wait so this whole ranking skill point reset only applies to certain modes? I only been playing horde and all my rewards (level, medals) are still there. Forgive my ignorance on this.

just MVPed again lost 602 points Ive been dropping no matter what


Ive been bronze 1 all night with atleast 7 mvps outa 11 still cant cant go to silver.

Its broken i might quit lol whats the point

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This has been all night. Started small and got worse with every game. I was the MVP in all 3 of those matches. The last one was a 4v5 also


I don’t even care much about what my rank is. People obsess about thier standings. Which I get, because Gears used to be a very competitive game. I am comfortable with my skill, what frustrates me is when I am killed time and time again because of delays and people tanking shots and turn around casually and gib me or I am facing a team that plays together and they can just team shoot as my team falls apart. Then you are just dead in the water. Individual skill in this game.equates for nothing and the rankings prove that. When all those items affect my rank too it’s also annoying. It’s just a frustrating experience. There has been a handful of times where games have just been intense and I live for those moments. Its this skill less mess where noobs can hard aim standing still and give from a mile away. I want this game to be good. I miss what gears used to be Ryan, from what I have seen acknowledges they over did it and it kind of makes me hopeful for the games future but it’s just taking forever to move this game forward.

I feel like the system only works for master players. I havent seen a master player not get back into masters, but now everyone else is stuck in bronze or silver. If anything its still messed up to say the least.

You shouldnt lose points regardless if MVPing win or loss. Not every match is gonna be the same. Even if I get 20k points in a game Im still losing a ton of rank points

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I see you fam

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Holy sh*t. How unlucky is that? This system is still bugged to all hell. I’ve been getting MVP most of my games WITH wins and I still lose points, but not to that degree.


Same experience for me too.

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Ranked PVP. Has nothing to do with PVE.

That can’t be true. He doesn’t have an “average” yet, because the ranks were wiped.

You’re starting from scratch. That’s a large part of this problem. System is making assumptions about you that it can’t possibly have at such an early stage in a reset. It simply doesn’t have that data to work with yet.

Ryan said in his thread that he agreed that we shouldn’t be seeing such huge point swings this early on in the reset, as there isn’t enough data on you to be making those assumptions.