Ranked: Season 6 ending

Hey everyone,

The latest ranked season for Gears 5 has just ended! Normally the end of the season takes place a little later in the day of a operation release, however we’re doing this to make sure we’re as prepared as can be for Competitive and Operation 7 launching later today!

What does this mean?

If you launch Ranked in Gears 5 and are eligible for rewards in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Masters you’ll get them!

Note: You’ll need to launch each playlist to receive your eligible rewards for them.

You’ll be pushed back a few ranks like we normally do as a result of this for example if you were in Masters you’ll now be Onyx 2, you can still matchmake and if you so wish grind towards Masters again although you won’t be rewarded again.

A small visual bug will also appear which states that Operation 6 is ending in 5,300+ weeks, rest assured this is not the case as Operation 7 will launch later today :smiley:

If you happen to see any other issues, please let us know!


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


My grandchildren will love Op 7… (kidding).


Go back a generation or two lmao

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R.I.P Ranked :disappointed_relieved:

Couple of things worth noting, first it may take a couple of restarts of the game to receive all rewards (opening/launching playlist didn’t do anything).

Second there’s a (visual?) bug that after getting rewards will show incorrectly high Gears Coins, this will correct after a restart of the game again or presumably after playing a match and will seem like the player lost a substantial amount of Gears Coins e.g. 19,000 for me.

Awh man! I could have used that time to reach masters :frowning:


Good to know.

Only took me one personally :slight_smile:

Ranked Will Be Re Organized Into Competitive For A Safe And Secure Society.

I logged into the ranked section and it gave me some rewards, bronze-silver-gold, and nothing else…but at the end of op6 i reached 1 master on koth and onyx on the other 3 game modes. Is a bug or something?

I had to restart to get the rest of mine.

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Yup, Thanks. I went at prestige 33 from level 22 to 94. I Think is right no?

Is it normal to get as many coins as I did? Had 65k before logginh it today. First time I only got Onyx rewards and ended with 110k coins. Restarted. Now I got all my reward skins but I am sitting at 164k coins, lol.

Thought maybe my cards had already been scrapped but no, I am still sitting with all those duplicates. Should end up with 265k later today if that’s the intended path and nothing glitched on my end.

No idea on that sorry.

There is a bug that shows more coins than you should get but gets fixed after a restart

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It’s a shame that the ranks are being removed.

(Onyx , Diamond , Master etc)

Achieving the ranks every season is what gave me the motivation to jump back in to the different modes and grind for them.

With points only now, it’s going to get old fast

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All of these are practically the same rank tbh. I’m glad they are going.


Yes but no more master skins. I wish i could complete the set and the new skins are … meh


Fair enough. I can understand wanting a full set.

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Yes its a visual bug. Tested it by myself and tried to spend all my coins for cards. At ~18k coins i wasnt able to spend more coins. After i restarted the game my coins were reduced to ~800 coins

Edit: After another restart my coins are raised to 56k because of ranked rewards but im not able to spend them