Ranked Season 4: Bugs & Placement Issues

So I recently enabled the GOW App with consent via my Microsoft account, and dug into some rank Dodgeball matches today.
Unfortunately for the first half of the day, upon which matchmaking could successfully pool a game together, I would get kicked from GOW4 altogether, and get sent back to my home menu on my Xbox One.
And as of tonight now, I’ve completed 2 matches, with wins-- the first match with quitters, and the next with none, and the game shows me still holding at “5 Placement Matches Remaining”.
So basically, WTF Coalition Devs?! Am I better disabling your app access altogether here?
Or what’s the deal here? A resolution to this dilemma would be appreciated; Season Pass Holder, Xbox Live Gold Member, and such…Payments for services rendered, etc.
Please get this resolved!

I think it’s a visual bug, at least that’s what they mentioned to work on fixing.

Yeah, sounds like it!

I was already ranked but I noticed I wasn’t getting my percentage points for winning. It could be that I didn’t actually go up but I highly doubt that as it also wasn’t counting my XP but instead said “it’s taking too long”.

same to me.