Ranked scoring when player quits

It is completely broken.

Everytime a player quits on the other team, I know for a fact I will go negative. Whatever the system uses to calculate rank is broken. I shouldn’t got -200 on escalation when we win 7-0 with 2 quits on the other team.

Same to TDM. I just went 10-1 against a team of 4. Won 2-0 and get -176 points. This is frustrating.

I will likely just stop playing ranked until a TU is deployed to address this.

I already played the recalibration matches. So its not that


Yea TC mentioned this in one of the Dev Streams. It will hopefully get fixed soon

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I sure hope so. Even if it just gave you no points for losing an unfair match (on the losing team) and took off the win but rewarded you for your stats for the winning team.

That would be fair. Losing points in that situation on either team is ridiculous, if you had a good game (performance wise)


D-L-L gained 962. This was in silver2, I’ve never lost points when I’ve done ok and someone on my team has left. Maybe this becomes more skewed further up the ranks when potential gains are smaller?

I’d actually taken the photo just in case I lost points for this match.

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It’s broken but they have acknowledge it and are working on it.

There isn’t much to do when you are 5v2 in escalation, you cap the hills and win the last 3 rounds to go 7-0. You don’t die in any of those rounds, yet you get -167 points for each of them.

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I read that as execution yesterday :crazy_face:,that does suck because from what I can gather the LP system is based on kills and Score per minute. The ranked points system will always be this broken whilst it’s attributing individual performance points in a team game.

The only way to make it fair would be to balance ranked around a 5v5 squad (I don’t have 4 friends that play gears so it would suck). That way you’ve picked your team mates and quitting out would mean eventually no decent squad/team would want to take you on.