Ranked Score System Flaws

Someone explain to me how the ranked multiplayer is fair. KOH is quite literally impossible if you’re only running a 1-2 person squad and you’re going up against a team of 3-4+ people playing together. I wish there was better balance in matchmaking.

My biggest issue is when you’re in a ranked game and someone leaves your team. Instead of providing some type of handicap such as spawn delay being decreased, the developers thought it would be a better idea just to penalize you and all your teammates when you end up losing the game. You can be the best person in the match, but after reaching onyx you will still lose XP. It’s literally impossible to progress.

This game continually gets more frustrating and makes it hard to convince other people to get it with its already dying community.
FIX THE ■■■■■■■ GAME!


You have to squad up in king of the hill.

How it is.

I know how frustrating it can be, trust me.

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Anyone know what the ban times are? I think the first is 10 mins but it doesn’t show the ban time anymore.

The first couple are in that 10-30 minute range. I lagged out of a ranked game and it didn’t tell me how long I had to wait. Pretty sure it ended up being 30 minutes and that was the second game I disconnected from.

It would be awesome if they could add a system that allows you to quit the game with no penalization if you have a quitter on your team, like overwatch.

And ofc, give like a 5 minute delay to let the person come back if they timed out.

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