Ranked:S3 - Skins

So fourteen days later does anyone have any idea NOW?

I feel like history is repeating itself.


I believe they will be talking about that tomorrow during their stream or in whats up (or both).

At this point i don’t really have any words that need to be spoken.

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Yeah it takes them more than a month to get rank skins to the public… imagine trying to fix a broken game, it would take forever. Thats why gears 5 for me will be rental just for campaign.


I don’t think i’ll pre-order or fully buy Gears of War 5 either. I heard one of them went on holiday.

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TC is very scared of deadlines and responding to people asking about them


I think i saw something in the Whats Up they made today well yesterday for me saying they will come later this month.

I was under the impression that since on the stats page it doesn’t show your previous rank placements for the last season until after a few weeks of the season ending and once they do show you get the skins. But it seems i was wrong on that one.

So the mid-june they said was a case of: “June? No no you misheard, we meant march” which was initially a joke. And later this month?

I only really wanted my skins so i could dust my hands off and let Gears 4 alone for a while (It’s a mess currently). But the more i have to wait the less interested i become for both skins and game.

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Yeah it takes a long time the only thing that keeps me interested is horde for some reason and doing privates with friends. That literally about it.

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