Ranked Rewards should be going out now

Just popped after a Horde match

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Boltok? Did I miss something?

Master Boltok?

was Boltok not one of the rewards during OP1?

I don’t think it was. I only ever saw announcements for the Mace and then Lancer at the end. I’m not complaining though, maybe their way of saying sorry for how jank Season 1 was. :man_shrugging:

Heard nothing about Boltok. Congrats OP, hope mine are there when I boot the game up later.

Mine came through too. Looks ridiculously good on Blood Moon Imago. So worth all the pain and suffering.

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Bronze actually looks better than Gold or Silver. IMO

So the Masters, Onyx, Diamond are all animated while Gold Silver Bronze are just static.

Can you post a picture of the diamond lancer? I won’t be able to see it till later and would love a pic🤤

sorry, im away from the gaming PC atm

I just wish they changed to blue when you played on COG. It doesn’t match the Team Rock skins very well otherwise… they’re pretty cool overall though.

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