Ranked Rewards season 3

So they just gave the ranked rewards, but i only got the lancer gl, and only the skins from the ranks i got (i got the masters, diamond, onix and silver) did tc change the way skins are granted or is this a glitch??
I´ve got a friend that reached masters but didint get the skin, if somebody knows whats happening tell me pls

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I personally think it was a weekly reward base on your current rank atm. Not high watermark for the season.

i mean it doesent make any sense, if my highest rank is master, im suposed to get the diamond ones and the rest of them, since i reached the max rank let me get the “low-tiers” skins, imagine i prefer the onyx skins, i would have to play to reach onyx then what? wait a long time to de-rank or reach higher tiers.
i preffer the watermark sistem, if i made it to a new rank let me get those ranks skins
or am i supposed to play every gamemode and reach one specific rank in a different game mode

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So if i want diamomd skins i just play for diamond .???It dont make sense if i get master i deserve all the skins (bronze silver gold onix diamond and master)

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Well it supposed to be from that rank down in skins but some are missing. My wife’s account she never logged in. So when I reached diamond I dropped to gold 3 because I play solo and i just play to play xp. I only got the gold GL. My wife’s account she never played for that week and when I logged in. It was her skin at current level. THIS is not the season rewards. I think it might be something TC just threw in for the week. Or some may say it’s from a previous season. I definitely know if your buddy reach master’s he’ll get a season 3 reward when season is over

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At least i hope so…thx for explaining, i guess we just need to wait

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I received the Silver, Gold, Diamond and Masters Lancer GL.

Missing the Bronze and Onyx which I could care less about but it’s odd.

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What rank were you at the moment when you claimed the weekly rewards? Master’s?


My only Masters was Gridiron before the rank reset which as far as I knew wasn’t supposed to count. I got to D3 15% in KotH but lost 4 straight and am now at 73% due to Round 1 AFK/Quitters essentially throwing the game and my rank.

But hey, losing 150 points for a loss due to an AFK but gaining 2 points for a victory certainly evens out…


Ok so that blow’s my theory out the water. I thought it was your current rank. I made diamond but I only got the gold GL. Nothing else. I was gold atm when weekly rewards were passed out. So idk what the GL was for or for when.

Btw I lost every single game the other day due to a quitter. Every single game. That is twice this week so far. Lol. Must of been over 15 matches. (Total)The system put me in a lobby with a bunch of chainsawing mofos after that I was like WTF. Nobody knew how to even run. It was ******* crazy lol. After 3matches I went back up to onyx 3. I was like get me the F out of here.

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