Ranked Rewards Question?

Quick question if i place Diamond in one playlist and Masters in other do i get the Masters Reward as thats my highest rank or do i get the XP and skins for 2 separate playlists

Or do i get 2 separate amounts awards one for Dimond playlist and one for Masters

I norm only smash one playlist but dont know if its worth doing 2 for the XP you would get come end of season.

The skins you’ll get masters for sure.

The XP and coin rewards I’m not sure how that works, I assume you get for each one, but I didn’t played alot of ranked Ops 3 or 4 cause I mainly play Guardian lol but ya don’t really know for sure because of that… I still don’t play a lot of Ranked in this op, but I have at least different ranks for TDM 2v2 and FFA so I’ll find out lol I guess technically a different rank in KOTH too, but that’s bronze 1 unplayed lol others I made actual progress.

Yeah same i dunno if it works you get rewards for each playlist or does it simply do your highest rank. And does not give you rewards for you lower ranks in other playlists

You get rewards for each individual playlist.

It’s a great way to get coins when you start the next operation.

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Lovely im glad i grinded another playlist :slight_smile:

Are the rewards cumulative? Meaning if I theoretically got Masters in all 4 playlists do I get 4x 7500 for a total of 30k coins or 4x 25,750 for a total of 103k?

Masters = 7,500
Diamond = 6,250
Onyx = 5,000
Gold = 3,750
Silver = 2,750
Bronze = 750

Darn, assumed other people knew the answer to this. TC_Kilo, where you at?

Does anyone know if the Gear Coin rewards stack per playlist?

For example if you are Silver at the end of the season in one playlist, then you obviously get the reward which is 2500 Gear Coins. But do you also get the Bronze GC reward for the same playlist as well which is 750 GC (so your total would be 3250 GC)?

And if you’re Gold at the end of a season, then do you subsequently get GC rewards for Bronze and Silver too?

I’m actually kinda wondering this one myself.

I don’t do a lot of ranked (maybe a few matches per op) as I gravitate towards Arcade but I figure that I’d give ranked a go this Operation.

I get that we wouldn’t get multiple skins and I presume that the season rewards are the total rewards for that game mode. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that.) However, does it stack per game mode?

So, if I get Onyx in KOTH and Silver in TDM, do I end up with 7500 coins and 30K XP (5000+2500 and 20K+10K) or do I just end up with 5000 GP and 20K XP?

Because, honestly, if I’m just going to get the rewards for one playlist,there’s no point in me doing more than one playlist other than some tour stars.

Yes they are. Masters in all playlist gives you 100K.

You are rewarded per playlist. You earn different skins for different weapons per playlist. Yes all the other rewards like xp and coins are cumulative.