Ranked rewards didn't fully post

I’m in masters. I only received the masters rank skin and silver rank skin. I thought we were suppose to get everything below as well. Ive only played TDM and done my 5 placement matches for the other modes. Anyone else having the same issue?


Octus responded to a similar query on Twitter , saying that he would ask the team if it is a bug or intentional.

That’s odd because it literally says here that we should have gotten our highest rank and all skins below it too.

Based on your placement within Divisions, you’ll received themed weapon skins for your Division and all those below it (for example, Gold Tier placements will earn the Bronze, Silver and Gold skins for the weapon of the week).

I also only got my Master mace and none others.

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I remember that, I also expected it should work that way given Gears 4 did.

Personally i think TC should award all the skins and below.

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