Ranked quitting

I think its bs how people quit early in ranked and their teamates pay the price because 3v4 in diamond is near impossible especially if we aren’t partied up, I think the points of the quitters team deducted should be reduced so they don’t get pu ished for the actions of others. I.e if im in a Diamond lobby and my teamate leaves, losing should deduct like 850 instead of 1500 and if we win, everything should remain normal, as for the enemy team, their match be normal.


Ranking system definitely isn’t how it was on 4. I hardly had any complaints about it but I don’t wanna say it didn’t have issues

The GP point system is already extremely ridiculously nerfed.

I remember having to carry hard & even if I went like 50-4 in TDM back when it was 5v5 against a stack of masters I would gain ZERO points.

Heck if I didn’t get my points per minute fast enough I’d even lose points! & if I lost that match it didn’t even matter how good I did I would lose like 5-7 games worth of points.

You have it so easy. I don’t think you realize that.

Playing from those times really humbles a player which is why I miss it.

Now everyone has masters & it’s unjust to the ranking system & the players.

To go further: I remember actually cheering when I hit masters back in OP1 because it was such a ridiculous grind solo queuing in TDM. I even wiggled my bum cheeks & screamed with joy. It was a true honor to be ranked whatever was earned.

felt amazing. Now, last time I played, think op5, I got masters in like single digit hours , I was so dissatisfied beyond belief.


I think you shouldn’t loose and GP in general if you have an uneven team.
I know they give 200 points to you at the end of the match but I’m masters; so I have to do extremely well and win a round to lose only minimal points

This problem has been around since GOW4 and still hasn’t been fixed, I remember being 3% away from D5 in KOTH, for some reason it was frozen after winning like 5 matches straight, the one match I lose…I drop to 82%
Ranking has always been unfair


Quitters in ranked is one of the biggest problems in gears 4 and 5. TC needs to abolish ranked and literally have a playlist for each game mode. Incorporate a ranking system into that it’s not impossible.

And it doesn’t help that you never get the bonus GP you’re supposed to get when that happens… at least I never do.


I’ll always say this

The ranked system is more punishing than rewarding in it’s current state


quitters don’t seem to be effected by the new Community Service punishment TC implemented.

maybe go after what Gears players really care about, Character skins

if the game detects habitual quitters the punishment should be a forced Color Blast Jinn-Bot/Speaker

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I get this is a joke, but it’s actually not a half-bad idea. Maybe not a character skin, but maybe a forced banner that you can’t change that lets everyone know that you are a habitual quitter. A digital tar-and-feathering


PFC has a neat idea here. Cheaters will have to play with watermarks across their screen, much like the pic below.


normally watermarks are in test builds of games so its easy to find people who break NDA’s. I’ve done some testing where the entire screen is plastered with my account info and was quite distracting.

it could work for quitters in Gears.

right now all they really get is a rank drop and an assignment to go play more Gears. Plastering QUITTER across the screen making it difficult to see is hilarious

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If you can detect a cheater to brand them, why not just ban them outright instead of letting continue to be a part of the matchmaking while ruining games for others with only the cost of watermarks on their screen? That makes no sense.

Ranking system has been broken since day 1. And never fixed!

because as crappy as it may sound the game needs these players in the pool to matchmake with, if you can get it through their head that quitting has consequences they might stop and continue to play the game properly.

reform is better than culling

I’ve been running into more quitter recently, I guess they don’t; care about the penalty anymore? We had a match last night which should have been an easy win, but thanks to our quitter teammate we lost. I detest quitters. I report and block them every time. And sometimes send a not so nice message, It’s really the absolute worst etiquette and it also shows you a complete , selfish d-bag.

Nothing better than a dude quitting and going to warfare or apex…

That gets reported.