Ranked quitters

I’m getting ranked down constantly because randoms quit or are afk and get kicked. Why? Add rank forgiveness or something. Sheesh.


It depends when they quit and losing makes you go down in %.

DO NOT quit even when others do so first until the return to main menu option pops up. After that you can without penalty.

What if the option is always there? (Mine is)

If I quit 4 minutes after they leave instead of 5 minutes… am I penalized?

I know TC can’t give away the farm on it’s process as it would cause exploitation but the ‘specifics’ of the penalization and when/where/why/how are not the clearest.

What about times that I can’t rejoin a game…(99%) Is that taken into consideration on the penalization side? (I know rank will drop a bit from quit/loss)

I haven’t had much issue in locking up but yesterday was a ■■■■ show. Locked up every 2 to 3 matches randomly. Once I thought I got an issue fixed and tested in social or private I’d go back to ranked and sure enough some different problem happens like my mouse going haywire. (Movements erratic and random/delayed)

Though I can reboot the whole system and be back in Gears within 15 - 20 seconds, I’ll spend the next 5 minutes trying to hopelessly rejoin a match. Does this go on my strike record inching towards a time ban?

Not to mention the ‘catch-up’ games I have to play in order to cancel out my ‘quits’.

Note: After extensive cleaning up and some rollbacks I think I fixed whatever the hell was going on yesterday. Never had issue before but I think the latest Nvidia card doesn’t jive with my system.

We all have the option to “quit to menu” even when no one has quit the game.

I would say that the majority of matches i play have either teammates or ppl from the other team quitting. Quitting penalties did not work and are not working. TC did not do a good job of implementing them bc obviously the quit penalties are not working. The ranking system is also badly designed and/or implemented.

It was incredibly frustrating trying to rank up in team deathmatch because of all the quitters in that mode. It’s gotten really bad. I do well and end up at the top of my team but rank down a few % because 2 guys quit and we get over ran. Happened a lot last couple days. Other modes don’t seem as bad. I’ve reported so many quitters and AFKs the last week, xbox has to be getting sick of me. It would be real nice if the block function actually worked and I wouldn’t have to play in a game with the same quitters and 200-1000ms pings.

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King of the Hill is even worse because at least in TDM you stand a chance when short a player. KotH it’s all about the numbers and you’re screwed shorthanded. But in the end quitters suck all around and 99% of them deserve to be reported and banned from matchmaking for an extended period of time.


the “start/quit” option is back since last update. I don’t know why.

I believe about 3 - 4 games out of probably 25 or 30 I ended with a complete team.

Not ALL were losses, but the majority.

Update: aaaand we’ll add this one to the list of quits, lmao…

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Talk about ranking mismatch. :joy:


But then the game also hits you with a double blow and gladly takes off big % for the loss :sob:

I will give them credit in that I only lost 5% of this particular match.

However, I strongly think you should have the option to nullify match if someone quits… take a vote before start of next round or something whether to continue, etc. (with safeguards to prevent exploitation blah blah blah.)

But then the player that left might have lost connection / other reason than actually quitting.

By stopping the match, you are stopping that person joining back, completing the match and not incurring a strike agaisnt said person.

The system should detect LIVE when a person has left for whatever reason and automatically stop any loss for that team.

However this might not be easy to implement or do but I’ve raised it with TC so hopefully there is a solution in 5.

If the person leaves before round 1 has ended - you won’t lose much if at all as it does re-calculate for Round 2 and any subsequent rounds.

You know what’s daft… I’ve not gained rank on a win when someone on MY team has quit! How stupid is that?

Why’s that stupid?

Not every win results in % increase.

I’d put the vote in at end maybe. Continue playing. If player comes back, great, if not then they can vote to nullify at the end? (Like in the case of losing)

Winners still get points… . quitter gets all loss %

This happens to me occasionally… if the other team isn’t outranked then you won’t get much if anything.

If I have a team of two onyx 3 and a gold and go against a team of 3 unranked, 1 silver, and 1 gold and I win AND get MVP - I wouldn’t expect it to move much if at all.

I was MVP in the match. There were two Onyx1, two Golds on our side left, versus three Onyx and two Golds on the other side. I would have expected to gain from that!

Played my first ranked match in a while and we’re losing due to 3 pretty much useless teammates. On top of that the enemy team had 4 players with huge lag spikes which made the while game feel horribly inconsistent but that appears to be the expected norm now. But then in early Round 2 one of my teammates quit out of the match which was even worse because of the 3 useless teammates he was the most useful. We went on to lose with me finishing 2nd on the leaderboard between both teams filled with a bunch of high ping warriors.

*By useless teammates I’m referring to those that sit back in a KotH match with a Sniper and fail to capture objectives while getting no kills with the sniper. Then his friend and teammate stands near him away from enemies in key situations only to go for kills later on but failing to cap the objective. When I have 8 captures and my friend has 9 captures (17 combined) and those 2 useless players have 2/1 (3 combined) you know there’s a major issue.