Ranked quitters and mismatching

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Played 3 matches today two with quitters got one bronze on my team whilst other team was all onyx bar one gold player- my team placed boom but refused to play for it; four rounds in row were only one at boom all we had to do was put 2/3 heads there to contest sent them dms saying please play boom but they ignored it then two left after someone on opposing team did.

As of this match decided to que koth as is easier to carry in solo q I’ve found however first match I got a quitter after first round then teammates who wouldn’t rotate when next appeared on map; this has frustrated me so much that I’m taking break from ranked and gears today to go que ranked joust and conquest on smite as rarely get afks or quitters in that moba .

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won 5 games and did not climb anything in Ranking, lost 1 and lost 7%


I would like to say that gears 4 is broken from the start.it has never worked properly because they (tc) use the ping system,when will they learn it is a ■■■■ way of choosing host.there is no consistency about the game,you can have a game and get 70 yo 80 kills then the next game, you get hammered ,the ranking system is broke,I’m a silver one but all the game# I play contain onyx’s ,
What is it about this 81 or83 percent damage,if you shoot someone in the face they should die ,not look at you and one shot you,the whole game is ■■■■■■■■.
I bet gears 5 will be as bad cos they only cater to the paying community,they don’t give ashit about the people that come on just for a laugh .THE TRUE FANS OF GEARS. Allthey want to do is come on and kill a few people but they can’t ,cos this garbage game ,won’t let them.

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