Ranked (Quitters and general matchmaking/ping)

First two games I’ve played tonight someone’s quit in the first round what’s the point of even jumping into a ranked match too quit because you lose the first hill on KOTH? Then it leaves the rest of the team to drop points? Between that and the dreadful pings ive been seeing in my games I’m usually around 25-30 playing against people with 90+ ping Gears is the only game out there that has these server issues I love this game but all the grinding to get to a high rank for it to be ruined by poor matchmaking/connections and people quitting it just gets frustrating after a while! People pay enough money for a game and all the extras we pay for on top yet we can’t get a game that actually works? I know there’s a lot of negativity around gears but I’ve played since the very beginning! I could play for days but not now it’s starting to get annoying rather than fun we aren’t asking for much to change its the basics!! Soon after the next game I got MVP with the opposite team having a higher skill level yet I only gain 32 points? I don’t get the ranking system at all it’s basically a waste of time!