Ranked questions

When does the ranked season finish, and what season was the gnasher skins? I’m sad I missed them… and having the Torque bow in Masters doesn’t really do me any pleasing

Ranked season should end the same time as the operation or they might have a halfway point, cant remember cause pvp is unplayable due to ping issues (personal preference, cant stress myself out this much on a game lol) but there as of right now is 8 weeks left for this op. As for the Gnasher if I recall correctly I think it might have been operation 1, so defiantly missed it but its okay so did i. And unless you get the masters skin they are really pointless and dumb. Just a solid bronze, silver, or gold gun to me is lame and with the other options in store leave these at the bottom of my list to use.

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Well i’m already masters in FFA but I don’t really pick up torque bow so it’s pointless to me too lol

Unless there is a specific announcement, the season should end with the current operation.

The lancer was given on Operation 1 and the gnasher on Operation 2.

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