Ranked question

Last night I was a level 2 silver KOH at 32.5% before playing any matches.
I played four matches and won all four.
It’s been 16 hours since I’ve played and nothing has changed.
Is this normal?

Also, I’m new to ranked matches and I’m just not sure what to expect

Sometimes the site is extremely late in terms of % change

However, at this point it is pretty normal to not move inches after winning

Ok thanks bro!!

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I think the ranking system is either temporarily broken or severely lagging at this point in time.
You aren’t doing anything wrong.

My promotion from bronze 2 to bronze 3 only took 15 minutes. And my silver 1 to silver 2 was the same.
You shouldn’t have to wait so long to get to the next tier

Diamond tier only let’s a small percentage of players in. You and I (bronze/silver) shouldn’t have any problems progressing upward in ranked if we are winning. Yet you’ve been ready for promotion for days and I’ve been stuck at same % since yesterday .

I just checked, ha. Went to bronze 2 (33.33%). I seem to fight a lot of gold and onyx. Quite fun. I have been missing out. Only thing that really bothered me so far was a team of gold/onyx constantly using snub execution on every dnbo while we had an AFK spinning in spawn. I had a laugh at a quad or quint frag on them as they were doing that to one teammate, inspired by another forum member.

Those people are annoying and its awesome getting 3 or 4 of them with frags or dropshot.
Or… at the end of a match everybody on opposing team is dead and your whole team is alive
That’s cool your rank went up. I’m gonna check again in a few

Happens every, single, f’en game. :smiley:

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I was stuck at o3 100 percent for a while played a few more games til this popped, either way ranking system is severely flawed

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Also a reminder in regards of issues detailing rank, should be posted in the official thread here;

Thanks Royce.
I remember reading this a few months ago and it explained a lot.
My problem is they say up to two hours for the system to catch up but it’s been close 24 hours.
I won a few matches and want to see my progress… if any lol

Doubt there’s a serious issue. Sometimes just a glitch in the machine. If the problem persists, I suggest messaging TC either here @TC_Octus @anon86589457 or reaching out to them on Twitter, https://twitter.com/CoalitionGears

Hi :slight_smile:

Let keep all rank feedback, questions, or concerns on the Official thread: HERE

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Thank you