Ranked question about matching ranks

2 people in lobby, 1 is a silver, the other is a diamond.

Who does it match off of, the higher or lower rank?

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Can’t it be both? More people complain about Bronze being on their team at like Onyx 3 but there have been a FEW threads of bronze complaining about being stomped by Diamond+

but yeah Bronze in higher tiers seems more common

No, it can’t be both for matchmaking time purposes.

Always the higher rank.


If diamond player joins the squad of Silver player, it matches according to the silver player.

However, if silver player joins squad of diamond player, it matches according to the diamond player.

It doesn’t depend on higher or lower rank. It depends on who joins who’s squad.

It always matches ranks according to the person who hosts/initiates the matchmaking process, the ranks of the players joining the squad are irrelevant.


Oh ok, thank you!

You sure about this? In my experience it always picks the highest rank as reference for matchmaking. Doesn’t matter the host rank.

The game will use the highest Rank in the Lobby to determine matchups. Been this way since the new Ranked Overhaul

you are wrong about this. unless TC secretly changed this in the last TU


That’s the only way it makes sense

ya, if it wasn’t then all you need to do is swap Lobby Leader and Bingo, three Masters + one Bronze get to steamroll.

Sometimes both.

Be careful when you team with bronze players…

I am just speaking from experience… I may be wrong too.

Only way to settle this is to get official confirmation from TC… but we know they tend to be keep quiet about matters like this.

it was asked and answered on the dev stream preceding the Ranked overhaul changes.

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