Ranked punishes me

I’m really convinced that this game punishes me for being good at this point(not tooting my horn or anything). It was like this in 4 and it’s doing it to me again. It seems the game recognises me from 4. Everytime I play ranked I’m in first or second but i also have someone quitting, going afk or even worse feeding everytime( I’m not exaggerating it really is everytime). Meanwhile the enemy is stacked. The game expects me to carry the team but I can only do so much. I understand I can just find a group but I shouldn’t always have to. Is it too much to ask to just have one match where someone isn’t feeding or quitting? I don’t think it is. The match i JUST played I’m 17/3/6 mean while all my teammates have negative KD and one quit. Every other match before has been similar. The unique multiplayer is the main reason I play gears and now I really don’t know what else to do but possibly give up on it. @TC_Octus any insight?