Ranked Progression broken?

Honestly I don’t know what to say about this. I went from Onyx 3 to Masters playing Team Deathmatch last night. I went MVP almost every game. Tonight I get on and play 4 matches. I lost 100% from my progression from every single match. I gained 327 points from one match and somehow magically went from Diamond 2 to Diamond on with 18 eliminations and one death. I thought that if points are positive you’ve more forward not backwards. I have spent 3 days grinding super hard from Silver 2 to Masters and now I lose hours of work because of a broken system?? Seriously need to report this as I recorded the clip of me moving backwards innrank with positive points on a 2-0 MVP match. What is going on?


There been resets going on but it seems you been playing since the first reset happen last week. But it looks like they reset again a few hours ago. To me it seems like they restored players pervious ranks before the first reset. I’m not positive but it looks like than from my end. I gained 37 spots by playing one match and losing 200 points. But I’m at the same rank I was at before first reset.

I don’t know what in the hell is going on I grinded super hard and now they reset and ruin all of my work?

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I feel you bro. Hopefully they make things right. Best way is to get at them on Twitter they do respond. I haven’t seen a official reset post yet

Where do you see where they do the resets and everything because this is 7 games that I have played and lost 100 progression every single time.


After the Update on october 3rd I ranked up from silver2. On tuesday i reached onyx2 , i had maybe 18500 tier points. After my first game yesterday i realized that i only had 11300 or something. I lost more than 7000 points.
Some Information about that would be nice TC. I understood the need in october 3rd but why do you did this again so fast?

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Same happened to me, went from onyx 1 to silver 2 literally overnight and had 9000 skill points magically disappear. I think I might move on from this game if TC are just going to keep randomly moving the goalposts and ruining the experience for its players

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I mean after every season you have to fight again for your ranking, maybe you was diamand1 and you will start after your 5 games with onyx1. Thats okay for me, but this happend twice in only a few days without any Information before…
And since this happend my connection with a ping of 20 felt more like 80 or something… maybe it has nothing to do with each other


same happened to me

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I would literally smack the hell out of people and now it’s like I’m playing with people that won’t die. Idk what the issue is guys but it’s super upsetting when you actually love the game and want to show your true rank sorry… But I’m not a silver 3 and for them to ruin this for us is utterly ■■■■■■■■.

The original ranking system change was seriously needed, every team would get that (one player). I’m not to sure what’s happening… for me I went down from onyx 3 to silver 3, locked into that rank for four games and then climbed back to Onyx 2 tonight.

They did say that there will be some rank changes in the future but not as drastic as the one we had a few days ago. I know it’s frustrating to grind it out again mate, but hey, you can enjoy less stressful opposition for a few days.

How did you go from silver 3 to onyx 3 in one night? Would you have needed about 9000 skill points to do that?

I was Onyx 1 and got moved down to silver 2 yesterday. It took me a week of grind to get that rank, there’s no way I can gain the 9000 skill points in one night?

When I was getting demoted with the reset I was never actually losing skill points, they went up rather drastically. I was still going up yet I’d be demoted for my efforts. Also won like 12 games off the bounce tonight so that helped.

This is what I don’t understand. I was demoted AND lost 9000 skill points, that doesn’t seem fair to me? I don’t know what TC have done but they’ve punished some more than others