Ranked Preseason Feedback

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Make it so Stacks are punished if they lose

Incentives Winning, and punishes if they don’t.

You have an inheritant advantage with communication.

You should be losing more GP if you lose against randoms. While you have a stack.


No one? Heloooooooooooo .

I Love the new Ranking system. I’m still climbing up the ranks. Currently Onyx 3 I wanna see for myself how the separation from the pack occur at higher tiers.

Only thing I don’t like is maybe MVP should go by total score and be awarded a little extra GP. Not much. I understand stand the concept. Maybe Add some more criterias for GP?
I also love how I can lose a match or two and be able to cut my losses(gold tier and above) and still be only one or 2 wins away to jump another tier.
Almost forget matchmaking is a whole lot better for me also.


I totally disagree with anyone that’s commenting around stacks vs solos being unfair. If anything is added in regards to this it will make the matchmaking 10x slower than it already is. (E.g a matchmaking option)

The new ranked system has ruined any chance of finding a game, im UK/ EU servers and since hitting gold in gridiron its been near on impossible to find a game. #bringbackTDM
Whats the point of me booting up a game to sit in a lobby all day waiting to find a match, id rather the old broken system at least I could actually play most of the time.

The match cost is too high of a jump between silver/gold and is just making it really grindy.

The in game GP caps need to be upped to allow you to gain more points to progress a bit quicker and make it feel more rewarding, especially for the players that way outperform others.

Other than the points above I do like it in a sense that it is forcing a lot more teamwork to get a win (even if it is just a few bullets from a lancer for an elim). I also like the transparency re points gained.


Okay, I’ll start with the good.


The clarity. Being able to understand why you go up or go down is a big improvement.

The system is perfect for FFA. Doesn’t need altering.


GP replacing points on scoreboard. GP should be something only WE see. Points should still determine MVP. It’s unsatisfying right now, because everyone ends up at around the same point totals. MVP generally goes to the person who got 1 or 2 more breaks, even though another teammate might have gotten 50 more kills.

KOTH and Gridiron GP requirements need to be reworked. Kills should replace elims.

As a solo player, the grind is rough in KOTH. Lot of quitters and AFK. It doesn’t matter how well I perform, I still lose GP because personal performance is capped. There needs to be a better balance between personal performance and winning in terms of receiving GP. I’m facing mostly stacks. I think there needs to be a way in which if you perform well, but lose, you get 0 GP. Even if the requirement is high, it’s at least something shoot for and keeps you trying on a game you know you’re going to lose.


I know right? No more winning 7 games in a row and having it all undone by one loss.


Couldn’t agree more mate.
All the points you make are bang on.

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Lol I wish it was the same for me. It’s literally easier for me to win an FFA than a KOTH right now. I’ve won 5 FFA’s in a row and lost 6 KOTH games in a row due to teammates quitting or going AFK. :sob:


Well I have some good news for you @SixFeetUnderLOL. All that is going to change for you as of Today! So get on some KOTH bud.
If you wanna know how I know. My Motha F****** fortune cookie said so.:wink:

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1). GP UI needs to be removed in game. It’s on the scoreboard. I don’t need a big UI there.

2). Bring back points, especially for MVP. Using GP makes no sense when there’s a limit.

3). GP doesn’t take into account player skill, it’s more team based - due to max GP that’s earned.

4). Doesn’t address Quitters & ending up losing match because of this.


I only played a few hours of Ranked KOTH and personally I love the new ranking system & seems like a big improvement from before, not much else to say for now

Was fine until I hit gold rank in gridiron. Suddenly I can’t find matches.
The new rank system does not help with matchmaking issues & it will only get worse the higher rank players go to the smaller the player pool.
It’s my biggest put off right now not being able to find matches. No one wants to spend most of their time on the game searching for matches.

I personally hate playing koth so that is not an option. I was playing tdm before and hit masters and really enjoy playing gridiron but don’t want to waste my time not finding a game.

Also people complaining about playing groups if anything more is to reduce player searches the matchmaking will be worse. Playing with your friends should be encouraged . Gears of war modes to play in teams in rank are competitive and restricting team play will make it less competitive. For people who don’t want to play in a group other modes are available, quick play, or accept who your playing.

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I was playing a ranked match got lagged out and got penalized. is anyone else ran into this?


Before saying anything, I want to start by saying that this ranked system is one of the best things that has happened to Gears. I have been enjoying it a lot and I know others have as well.

With that being said, I have been playing free for all more than anything else and I am now at the point where I can not find a game(I am onyx 3), I have been collectively searching for a couple hours. Now I know that I am trying to queue at a later point in the day, but I do not think that is what is causing me to not find a game. My friend has been finding matches throughout the time of me searching and he is gold 2 and is finding other gold players. I should be getting in one of these lobbies after a certain amount of search time(9 different lobbies to be specific). Here are my overall problems with this version of Ranked Free for all:

  1. Ranked free for all should be played on normal maps and have the number of people required to start the game lower(8-10) so that when you get to higher ranks it is easier to fill out lobbies. Making this change could also reduce how “flank” heavy free for all feels right now with so many people in the lobby.

  2. Remove the lancer from the starting loadout and make the power weapons on the map only longshot and maybe torque. Let the other slots be gnasher ammo or utility grenade pickups. I can see people not feeling the same way about this, but I think that Free for all feels better when it is based around the players shotgun ability. Having a lancer and “supporting” other people fighting does not make sense for a solo gameplay mode like free for all. Removing the other weapons like boom shot, dropshot, incends, frags, etc would be to just remove the annoyance of getting killed/shot by those things. To me, free for all is at its best when it is 99% about shotgun play.

  3. I am not too sure how this would play out, but I think that removing DBNO from Free for all could help improve the game play. This goes back to the point of this being a solo mode, there is nobody that is going to revive you when you are dbno. You often never get up from being downed, so there is mp point to have DBNO in this game mode. I know that this does not eliminate people stealing kills, but I think it would allow the player who is doing the most damage to an opponent to be the person getting the kill.

I know my wording is not the best in this post, but I hope my points are still conveyed well. How do you guys feel about this?


I really don’t like how eliminations are determined right now. You should be meaningfully damaging an opponent for it to count as an elimination.

Quitting in ranked matches is still problematic. I still think that the matchmaking is deeply flawed. TC must take a good look at how matchmaking is in other games, like CoD.

The stacked teams complaint going around the forums at the moment misses the point. Stop complaining about players partying up together. The real issue is the horrid weapon balance and rifle based maps. You can just stand around as a group and lancer and you’re a force to be reckoned with.

The game has felt unresponsive since launch. Shooting my gnasher and nothing comes out. Just a brief pop shot aim.

Please don’t listen to much to the same few about how bad they think it is. New system could certainly use tweaks to points and maybe caps but the overall system is so much better and has me and my friends playing the game again every night


It is missing a TDM mode.


@pxlemic surely CoD’s ranking system (one that is designed for a far larger playerbase) isn’t right for a game like Gears?

@TC_Sera I saw that you merged threads, which makes sense, yet I don’t see many of the other threads/replies in here, the one by @Vikes_Fan_One in particular is nowhere to be found. That’s on you :slight_smile: