Ranked point distribution, really?

Just how messed up is the system? I breezed through silver and gold, getting up to 3000 points per win since I get MVP 95% of the time, I already got masters before the reset and figured I could do it again since they “fixed” the ranked system.

Well, I have won at least 30 matches since I am diamond and now I earn 10 points tops. I need around 200 points to get masters and there are games where I get 0 points for winning, MVP and all. How in the ■■■■ is this fair? Do I need to get every kill in the game without dying in TDM so I can go up? I like the game better now, but where is the fun in winning a ranked game without earning any points? Oh and god forbid I lose even as MVP, I get deducted triple the points I get from one win. I just want my damn lancer skin.


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