Ranked playlists

Just signed in for the first time since operation 3. Is this a joke? Only team deathmatch and king of the hill to play 5v5. No execution, no guardian? Game is completely ruined, if they actually had good game modes they might be able to bring back some of the player base.


I do feel guardian should be in ranked it’s definitely popular enough, takes seconds to find a lobby in quick play


Long Live Guardian!!!


I suggest you take a closer look, both are 4v4 now.

I don’t like this either…

Most of the population has been fading since this.

Gears keeps dropping but they don’t want to try this out.

It is what it is.

Literally all I play :rofl::rofl:


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10v10 KOTH when?

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Best mode in the best game.

Long Live Guardian!!!