Ranked players quitting/not playing

I don’t usually make forum posts about anything going on in gears but today I broke and had to. I Just played a ranked king of the hill and as soon as the game starts two players on our team just stand still. TC needs to do something like overwatch where of people quit/get kicked for inactivity we have the option of leaving the game without penalty because why on earth would anyone want to go into a ranked game just for it to be a 3v5 or etc. This game is going downhill pretty fast if they don’t step it up across the board.


Yes it´s a thing but 1st they should Fix the Servers or what ever the Problems is with Players getting Kicked from the Game. This happens way more often like every 2nd Game.

This Sunday just gone I played around 15 KOTH and TDM games and in around 9 of them 1 to 3 players quit and in 3 other games there was always 1 afk player…

The game has many, many problems… And none of my friends even play the game anymore so I know the constant feeling of being in games where its unfair and you are forced to play it and on top of that it’s not even fun anymore…

Yeah it’s one of the main reasons why I haven’t been playing for a while. I got to the point of not caring if someone quits on my team or someone went afk for more than a minute I quit the match. I don’t want to waste the time I have playing playing uneven matches. If I get banned I don’t care anymore sadly I can always play gears 4 if I need my gears fix