Ranked placement issue -Tour 2 -Please post your initial placement here

So I just finished my placement matches with @Stewarto. We were a 2 stack playing with 3 randoms on our team for every game.

We won all 5 games. I didn’t play at my best, but my performances certainly were not at a bronze 2 level :rofl: At worst, that’s a gold placement, or silver 2/3 if we’re sticking with bronze > silver for placements.

Also tried 2v2 boxes. Don’t have the scoreboards for those, but I played at about the same level as below. Got bronze 1.

What is going on @N0DEZER0 @TC_Octus? Seen other reports of this over the internet too. My other friend @TSU_Silent also got placed bronze (a master player from last season). I was also masters on two accounts last season.

Did I play at a masters level in these games? No. But I played a hell of a lot better than Bronze :rofl:

Seriously TC, how can you break it even more?!?

Please share your placement matches guys, and your resulting placement. Scoreboards too if you have them.


I got into bronze 2 after my placements in Guardian.

Be interesting to see what people get placed in, and supporting screenshots if they have any.


I was in the five games above, I got placed 8% Bronze 1. :man_shrugging:


Bronze 1 is the new masters @o_GH0UL_o


Bronze 2 after winning all matches. I got to Master last season, and every game I see at least one other person with a Master weapon skin :joy:


Bronze 1 , 20% in koth after 5 matches. Who knows what’s going on as I was playing well.

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Maybe Bronze is new Masters

I doubt it, I’m an average player with sometimes streaks of “I’m on fire here” so I doubt the ranks are reversed!:joy:

The only people that belong in bronze are those with like a 0.1>0.9 k/d.


Bronze in Guardian and 2v2


So you saying that I don’t belong to glorious Bronze with my 2.42 kd? :eyes:

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Lol I thought it was just me. I’m actually glad to see other players got place in bronze. As long as there isn’t a Dam bottle neck again I’m not to worried, technically we should all shoot out of bronze in a couple matches I hope. I only played the placement matches. I definitely hope by the time I get off work I don’t see or hear all the Dam rank issues we had all though season 1. I hope not, just might not bother booting up the x box at all.

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Played king…I did moderately alright. Bronze 1. Got mvp one game…doesnt seem to matter. So ranked is still a mess.

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I got into bronze 1 in 2v2 Gnashers, although that might be me playing shockingly bad last night. That was the worst I played in a long while.

@o_GH0UL_o can vouch for that :joy:

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Hey! Me and @o_GH0UL_o played you last night. Sorry lol

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Don’t worry, we got smacked a few times too. Most of the games were a toss up between which team sponged more.

It was quite frustrating. I also both killed and died to some ridiculously impossible shots all night in 2v2. Going to upload the most ridiculous kill you’ve ever seen later today. It was physically impossible.

PS: It seems everyone got placed bronze 1 in 2v2s, myself included :roll_eyes:

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Honestly this is not good at all. As a silver player , having Masters in the bronze ranked is a nightmare for scrubs like me…


I got placed in bronze 1 for tour of duty 2… I won 3/5 matches and placed above 5th place overall each time. usually getting placed in silver 1 or 2 before the update… in gears 4 I was always onyx+. My kid is a whole 1.11 which isnt bad considering I play koth against a stacked squad by myself. They need to scrap this player score ■■■■ and do gears 4 ranking system

My 5 placement matches

I’m happy being put in silver 1, last time I got put in diamond 3 which was a bit boring. I think all players get put in around silver so they can work their way up instead of being master rank after just ten games.

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Are you in the EU america or what