Ranked needs placement matches or keep current tiers

Gears 5 needs placement matches for ranked.Having experienced players start off in bronze is discouraging actual new players .They play ranked and get smashed then they hate the game and we lose new players.Or just let people stay in their current teir so that eliminates experienced players vs actual noobs.We need the community to grow and not scare off new players.

You were facing Onxy+ in placement matches as well. Unless the playerbase suddenly increases for no reason the matchmaking will remain terrible.

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Probably keeping current tier is a better idea and no placement matches.If your new to the game then you will start off in bronze and have to work your way up.

I don’t think there is a need for placement matches anymore. There should be just a rank drop for a new season to make matchmaking less brutal for new/ low rank players at the beginning of a new ranked season.

I’ve written my points in this thread why I think this is the way to go: Ranked mode is not worth it

I think this is also the way TC is going for after watching the latest developer stream today. I think Dana mentioned at one point there will not be a rank reset to bronze for everybody after this operation. There will be a rank drop instead. They just haven’t decided (or do not want to communicate) yet the details how much the ranks will drop.


placement matches didn’t work the first time and it won’t work again.
they just have to find the right balance
most new players will avoid ranked and play quickplay