Ranked needs a random map picked instead of voting

Voting, on top of stacks (remove stacks btw) is pretty bland as it just leads to the same 3 maps constalty (blooddrive/checkout/foundation) with the very rare 4th (in my experience its allfathers) if none of the 3 are available. Most importantly, it makes you able to vote for a pref’d map so you are more likely to win. This gets rid of a lot of potential strategy as other players might not be the best mechanicly, but might have good strategies for all the maps.

Maps should just use a weighting system based on the recently play’d maps of all the players in the lobby. This will lead to not completly random maps, with the potential to get the same map 3x, but more likely to get different maps you haven’t played on yet.

Would just like this a lot. Game gets really boring for me after playing the same 3-4 maps in ranked. Game needs some competitive integrity to be taken serious.


yeah but at the highest level you’ll also see teams intentionally vote for maps to throw off opponents, they’re referred to as “off-meta picks” and they occur for a variety of reasons but quite simply great teams love exploiting weaknesses of other teams and picking Bunker or Pahanu is a great way to do that.

I do remember this being asked for in Gears 3 and if it weren’t for Overpass might’ve been a real possibility lol, Gears 5 has too many unpopular maps (which means players would forced into playing on maps they likely hate) for this to work imo.

The only positive of it being cycled is that players would be encouraged to learn more maps, but like I said because another team can always get the one up on you and pick an unpopular map that isn’t really as big of a problem as you might think.