Ranked mode is not worth it

I will complain about this forever, playing a ranked mode game is not worth it…

There is always a juggernaut on one of the teams. Their is no competition anymore.

It is just so sad…

Halo cant come quick enough


All I can say is it’s massively sweaty at the moment as people haven’t found their levels yet, I’m getting absolutely clapped in some games :rofl::rofl:


I’ve stopped playing once I reached Onyx (1).

All I see are Master skins everywhere in low tier lobbies… :sweat_smile:

Same here. Got Onyx1 in KotH and it was very easy to get there. But if you wanna make it to diamond or masters you are not allowed to to loose a match now. For me as a solo player this is not possible and there is no reason to play ranked anymore.


worth it to me get a team or play FFA

Facts. I be getting clapped at bronze :joy::joy::joy:


Totally agree almost every game is a sweat fest. That is at Silver 3. Also quitting rife of course :frowning:

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I do not undertand why that can start you one ranke below where you ended. seems that be bettter.

I think it would make more sense to drop at least two medal colors after the end of operation (i.e. everybody at gold 1 and below will drop to bronze 1 , gold 2 -> bronze 2, gold 3 -> bronze 3 , onyx 1 to silver 1 … and so forth). This way the higher ranks will rank up sooner out of the reach of bronze ranks in matchmaking but there are still ranks for them to achieve during the operation. Dropping only 1 rank at the end of the operation is too small drop. The player can abandon the game for a whole operation and have almost no penalty in ranked for doing that. The operations are also quite long…

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yeah but if you do not build the lower ranks and keep them playing then the population gets small.

anyone start out needs room to grow and learn and improve. destroying them before they can even get out of the gate hurts the high ranks in the long run.

I do not agree. With your suggestion the ranked would get very stale very fast and people getting stuck in same ranks with very little progression during operation.

If the drop were only one rank (i.e. Bronze 2 -> Bronze 1) it would take ~4 years to drop from Master rank to Bronze 1 without playing a match. If the drop after operation were 1 medal color (i.e. Silver 1 -> Bronze 1) it would still take ~1 year and 3 months to drop from Master rank to Bronze 1 without playing a single game. In this approximation one Operation is 3 months long.

If the drop were 2 medal colors the drop from Master to Bronze 1 would take 9 months without playing a match during those 3 operations (still quite long time).

In this scenario previous Bronze, Silver, Gold and Onyx would be in the same matchmaking pool at the start of the operation. Consistent and active Onyx and Gold players would go close to their previous ranks quite soon. They would also have a chance to challenge the previous Diamond and Master ranks and possibly take over those ranks. I think Bronze players would not have to play in the same matchmaking pool with more skilled and active players very long at the beginning of the operation (1-2 weeks perhaps) .

okay good points but now low ranks players new or exsiting get trashed by higher ranks even longer than 2 weeks. solo low rank . not all palyers can be high ranks kinda defeats the point, but low rank players need a fair completive game as well so its fun.

Nobody loses GP in Bronze so everybody who just plays the game progresses towards silver (different speed though), So I don’t think that it is very brutal in that sense.

But you are right, It is not nice to get trashed in the games all the time. It is pretty rough now for some when everybody reset to Bronze 1 when the new ranked season started.

That’s one reason why I think that your rank in previous ranked season should make some difference where you start the new ranked season.

So in that we do agree… but there also needs to be a reasonable drop in the rank.

I think its odd there is no cost in bronze even if it is a small cost there should be a cost. As it is its a free ticket to silver as long as you put in the time so it kind of makes silver the new bronze

True, but I think the ranks are fine as is. Another solution would be just to have another rank below bronze which would serve the same purpose as bronze now. I don’t think it makes sense to implement such a rank. It is not exactly a free ticket to silver because you’ll need dedication to play enough ranked matches to rise to silver if you keep losing and your skill level is low.

Ranked is now casual joke

No idea what’s your point here.

Like the GP system no longer defines the best of the best. It’s just people who fulfill the match requirements. Quints, clutches, high KD etc doesn’t matter. They have modes like FFA, Gridiron (warzone with a flag), KOTH & TDM doesn’t have execution rules( like annex), and removed execution, removed escalation, removed guardian, and never added wingman. All this together is making the game more of a casual vibe versus the old tactical vibe hardcore gameplay that the old gears Had. What made gears 4 ranked good was the fact they had Competitive and core modes for ranked. Which was a good balance of skill based play for the casual modes and competitive modes. Idk I’ve been playing ranked gears (went diamond master in 4 and almost masters in 5) for years & gears 5 doesn’t feel the same. I don’t feel that competitive clutch factor anymore, just playing knowing that if I die I’ll spawn, or gnashering down people from far because I don’t have to execute them. Don’t get me wrong the game is still fun though and I still play, but ranked is no longer my thing because of all theses changes.

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Oh, you mean GP system doesn’t define the match MVP well enough? Yep… it is quite simple and lacks some fine details that would make sense, like certain ribbons that could give you extra GP depending of the mode objective. At least it should be currently very clear in the GP system for everybody how the MVP is defined. I think the granted GPs in different modes need some tweaking for sure.

I guess you are right. Match victories have the most weight on defining the best players, so I guess this boosts more stacked teams but a single player who plays with randoms has hard time ranking up no matter how well one plays.

Yeah, I also kind of miss those one life ranked modes and the intensity playing them, but I also like they introduced new modes. I think that sadly there would not be enough players for each mode if they had all those modes in place.

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