Ranked matchmaking?

Is ranked matchmaking still broke? I see an update on their Twitter of a day ago saying the issue is back again and team is looking at it and nothing after. I cant find a game of gridiron or koth and never heard any problems before. Have they really just gone dark for 24 hours not providing updates?

Well I found a koth game but gridiron took 5 minutes then disconnected. I was finding gridiron games in seconds before yesterday with no issues. I’m in east coast and we’ll populated

Seems to all be working for me now…

Hmm interesting. I mean I don’t see tons of complaints but they also haven’t said it was fixed. I’ve never had to wait more than like a minute to find a game and now gridiron is taking 4-5 and then disconnects

Yeah I was having similar problems yesterday. Didn’t get a chance to play at all in the end but today played most multiplayer games and all was fine.

Free for all Ranked was taking like 5 mins though