Ranked Matchmaking Idea

I’ve noticed that since the Xbox Series X has been released there are a flood of newcomers just jumping right in and playing rank matches. The chances of being matched with new comers are great because so many players are taking advantage of the game pass deal, and wanting to test out the new Xbox out which is fine and dandy. However, this causes lop sided matchmaking, by matching non-reup bronze 1 players with players who have obviously been grinding for a while. Having to carry the weight of an entire team 9/10 matches becomes old and discouraging. Maybe it’s my luck but I’m a onyx 1 who has been playing quick match games for over a year before I even felt confident with playing ranked matches.

This lead me to a idea where TC should create Hardcore Ranked categories where there are prerequisites in order to qualify you to unlock this category. Like say you must’ve re-up “X” many times or played a certain amount of hours before you are qualified to play in these Ranked mode, so that one has to have at least put in the work to understand the basic concepts of the game. As of lately people are just jumping right into ranked matches going 1 - 20, and no matter how another plays it’s hard to recover and win when players are like kamikazes. At least this will incentivize players to play quickplay or normal ranked modes in a effort to become better at the mechanics of the game, or if they aren’t willing to put in the work it will at least exclude them from ruining matches. Yes you win some and you lose some, but lately I’m guaranteed to be teamed up with what seem like bots as team members.

Just an idea.

This will unfortunately keep happening until TC changes the scoring system and deducts points from deaths in TDM. I’ve seen way too many “mvp’s” that go 20-18.

As for new players ruining your games? squad up, that’s it. There is no other solution.

Then reach out on various groups to find people you like playing with.

I rarely see squads especially since TC has limited it to 2 players max, and I played Gears 4 ranked solo and was ranked Diamond. You shouldn’t have to squad up just to ensure people you are playing with are at least decent. This matchmaking thing TC got going on is totally flawed, and not matching up similar skilled players/teams appropriately. I don’t recall this being as big of an issue in prior Gears as much as it is in this installment.

Like I said previously it was just an idea since the MM appears broken, as it’s well documented in countless threads on this forum.

Agreed the matchmaking isn’t he best if people want SBMM or similar, but the system goes off 2 tiers above / below your rank.

I’ll even agree as far as TDM should be unlocked to allow full squads.

If you search solo though, regardless if this is Gears 4 or 5, your team is your team for one match just like the other team being a set of 4 randoms, 3 randoms or 2.

Partying up reduces the likelihood and if someone doesn’t reach out to others in the community while complaining about their teammates; I can’t feel bad for those people.

getting mvp for two tapping with lancer l;mao