Ranked Matchmaking have serious issue

The ranked matchnaking is a joke, ping is absolutly disregarded. I played several ganes with 170ms ping and 7 other players with the same ping as me yet only two players
with ping below 50.

So two americans are matched with 8 europeans on an american server…Are you joking TC?

You are in early.

Hasn’t fully released yet, and you are complaining?


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Early access fully released in europe. what an excuse bro…
Wait till you play lagfest matches with people teleporting. americans and europeans shouldnt be matched in the same server ever.

You don’t get it. People are region Changi g to play early. It’s messing it up.

Plain and simple.

I suggest you reply to this topic because of the volume of the post, and hope some tc member can check it out.